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Has any one played Icons?

So my brother was thinking of running a superhero game and he found the game Icons wich I had never heard of. glancing over it it seems ok, if a little vague. Its a very much an ask your GM kind of game where rules are soft and the focus is on co-operative story telling, or at least thats my interpretation having not run or played the game at all. Im wondering if any one has any experience with the system. I was hoping to find any advise I could because our group has only played dnd up until now and the transition could be strange. What do you think about Icons, and are there any other super hero systems you would suggest?

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Yes, it's been around about ten years now and is written by the guy who wrote Mutants and Masterminds so it is very solid. It's looser than M&M but it is a lot of fun.

My take on it over the last ten years:


One of my favourite super hero RPGs. I like rules light systems for super heroes as they seem better able to emulate comics better. It's a fun game.

I enjoy it quite a bit for one-shots, not so much for extended campaigns. I HIGHLY recommend random character creation (something I hardly ever say for a superhero game).

Some. Its got some definite virtues, but its dependence on random gen or modelling isn't one of them, and its overly blase about the balance implications of a couple of powers.

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