Has Paizo ever talked about releasing their adventures in 5E format?


I've found the Pathfinder Kingmaker video game to be playable and enjoyable, but I've been willing to save scum. I had a friend start the game with the initial release and he found it painful with all of the bugs. I started around 6 weeks ago and it has been smooth enough.

You will stumble into encounters that you weren't expecting. If you're not willing to revert back to a saved game then you'll have a lot of game to replay. If I faced that I would probably bail on the game, instead. There are timed goals. If you take too long, you lose. If you're mindful of those you should do okay. If you don't want the hassle you can edit the game file and change the game date, add cash, or whatever it takes to keep the game fresh for single player.

The only thing I don't care for are the built-in characters and their various missions. I paid to create my own team, but I still have to run "the goofballs" around from time to time and my own team cannot act as kingdom advisers.

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They're grown adults and extremely competent business people.

Yes - thinking they are being knee-jerk is foolish. You don't build a successful business without a good dose of business acumen and common sense.

However - brands have been known (through in some cases an inability to evolve their business model) to die on their feet by doggedly sticking to 'what worked back in the day'. In fact it is a common enough reason for falling over in business.

Blockbuster might still exist if they had seized upon the new paradigm and embraced downloads and streaming.

5th Edition and it's owners have created a system which allows new people in by being penetrable and inclusive, and have nevertheless kept the spirit of D&D robust enough to reconcile many previous version champion groups.

That's gold right there, and the reason (alas...) that it eclipses all other systems. Roleplay used to be a lot smaller and system varied - now it has grown into being more inclusive to people but far less system-varied (in terms of what is being played and in what proportions).

Personally I would rather see rpg as popular as now, but more inclusivity system-wise. But then we cannot have everything we want.

Paizo would appear to have developed and backed 'Betamax VCR tape cassettes' and will probably come to regret it. If I were them, I'd keep a very close eye on all of this and very quietly get a bunch of relatively low-cost conversions of their world books and adventures ready to go just in case PF2 doesn't fly as they hope.

That would be a wise risk-mitigation strategy - especially considering that WoTC don't release much material by comparison that is campaign-based.


Crusty Old Meatwad (he/him)
I would like to see WOTC and Paizo jointly release a single adventure path available for both systems. like a DC/Marvel crossover comic. I don't think it would harm either company. It would probably slightly help both.

Ash Mantle

Looks like those wishing for Paizo to release supplemental products for 5e will be getting their wish :).

It seems like Paizo are taking the tentative step of entering the 5e design- and marketplace as they partner with "industry leaders in third-party 5e publishing" to update and create a Kingmaker 5e bestiary to celebrate Kingmaker's 10th year anniversary.

More details will be released at KingmakerCampaign.com on May the 7th, and will also be an additional content campaign running through to May 21st.

What is also on cards is updating the Kingmaker AP to Pathfinder second edition, but curiously there's no word of it being updated in a compilation volume for Pathfinder first edition.


I was wrong, good news the KM AP might be better in 5E than PF and the revised kingdom rules in Ultimate Campaigns is basically already 5E compatible.


But it’s not an AP what they are publishing for 5e. It’s only the monster manual of the AP. They’re going to release the anniversary AP only for PF2, or at least that’s what says in the press release.


Seems like it's sending a mixed message. Re-releasing their best (or most popular) adventure path for PF2, but at the same time hedging their bets by trying to sell 5e players a monster book (for conversion purposes) rather than hoping they'd buy the PF2 rulebook.


But it’s not an AP what they are publishing for 5e. It’s only the monster manual of the AP. They’re going to release the anniversary AP only for PF2, or at least that’s what says in the press release.
Yes, it says "Finally, we'll add a hardcover Kingmaker Bestiary for 5E, developed in conjunction with industry leaders in third-party 5E publishing, allowing players of the current edition of the world's oldest RPG the chance to experience the rich and detailed storylines that have made the Kingmaker Adventure Path a fan favorite for a decade."

Of course getting only monsters make for rather... sparse*... storylines, so there must be more than this.

*) Or maybe I'm alone in not being totally sold on the pitch "Today you will be fighting the following exciting monsters from the Kingmaker campaign!"

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