Haunting Melody feat question

The bard in my group wants to take the Haunting Melody feat.

My question is, does the use of this feats ability (all opponents within 30 feet save or become shaken) count as a seperate bardic ability or does it happen at the same time as Inspire Courage (or other abilities)?



Don't have my books handy ...

But IIRC all the Bardic Feats require a distinct usage of Bardic Music.
You can't, for example, Inspire Competance, AND cause people to become shaken.
However, as I said, I don;t have a book handy to double check, so I could be way off base.
This should be in the Rules forum, but....

Don't have it in front of me, but I'd rule it counted as a bardic music ability. It couldn't be active at the same time as another ability (except where durations continue after playing stops ala Lingering Song), and it would count against 'uses per day' limits.

I see it as a feat in the same genre as the 'Divine X' feats that are powered by a cleric's Turn Undead attempt. Those count against uses per day, and you don't get to Turn Undead at the same time.

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from the feat descriprion:

Special: Using this ability counts as one of your daily uses of bardic music.

Pretty clear it's intended to be a separate ability, not an adjunct to another bardic music ability.