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D&D General Have Githzerai always been jerks?


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I can understand how that might happen. I've got a number of friends I enjoy taunting by telling them the problem with D&D's alignment system is that Lawful Good is an oxymoron.

It is Just Another Fine Example of how the L/C axis and to a large extent the G/E axis are assigned to creatures/societies completely arbitrarily and are by consequence completely meaningless-- they no longer even serve their original function of marking "alignment" with cosmic forces.

edit: Though, really, Tieflings? They got a Charisma bonus and all of their iconic classes were Charisma classes... so what the Hell was up with the penalty in 3.X?

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Zhjaeve (NWN2), 3.5 ruleset is certainly LN, as is Dak'kon (PS: T) highly modded 2nd edition rules.

(Both characters are portrayed as slightly less jerkish than the average member of their race, but YMMV.)
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Fiend Folio, p, 45, Githerzai Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Not sure how that fit in with the whole "Monastic creatures" description, but it's fine.
Yeah, it might've been a misprint because, why would a LN race choose to live in the plane of chaos? But it makes sense because their strong minds allows them to create any environment they want, and their lawful nature brings stability to an unstable plane. They actually have to be extremely lawful to keep their island fortresses in existence. If you read about how they fight in Limbo, it's pretty bada$$ since they can change the environment at will to give them the advantage, and their enemies a disadvantage.


I don't think it was a misprint; I think it's an issue with the alignment system.

If you place them as denizens of Limbo, like the Fiend Folio did (sayng that co-exist with the slaadi), then they would have to be CN like the plane, right? That's how 1e cosmology works.

....but, they are also organized in monastic orders (and are MONKS that theoretically must be lawful in alignment), that live in fortresses, have strong minds, travel in groups, and so on,

So, it's fine. :)
Coexist is a strong word lol. They both were there, but they weren't at peace. The Slaad are at war with everyone. This sounds like the editor really didn't know what they were talking about. The lore of the Githzerai never changed, just that person's understanding of what's going on. Not even all the Slaad are CN, only the lesser ones. The Grey Slaad may be CE, but death, black, and white are definitely CE.

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