D&D General Have Githzerai always been jerks?


The githzerai are a race of inhabitants of limbo, co-existing with the slaadi

That's the introduction to the Fiend Folio description of the Githerzai, p. 45. That's as canonical as you can get, since that's the official introduction.

So, you can take that word choice up with the official powers that be. :)
You're also quoting an edition that's out of date, which really makes your argument invalid. I never saud it doesn't say it, just it's wrong.

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In Planescape Githzerai are CN, and a lot of the fluff there reflects it. One of the most significant Githzerai was Karan, the factol of the Xaositect faction, but he was completely not like any Githzerai at all.

They mainly became LN in 5e because of a poll of asking what their alignment should be, in that period between 4e and 5e.


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If you place them as denizens of Limbo, like the Fiend Folio did (sayng that co-exist with the slaadi), then they would have to be CN like the plane, right?

Well, they aren't originally native to that plane. They came to it later - after breaking away from the people of Gith. And, iirc, they don't co-exist peacefully with the slaadi.

That's how 1e cosmology works.

1e cosmology has a plane named "Olympus", where you'd expect all the Olympian gods to live. But not all the Olympian gods are good, and the plane is good, and only good gods reside there. So... whatever.

Conceptual integrity was not a strong suit of the 70s, when they made all this stuff up.



Dude, what are you even getting at?* It's all made-up stuff that changes from edition to edition, book to book, and you can do whatever you want in your home campaign.

I just use the original source- do what you want, and argue with someone else who doesn't know any better.

*I literally said the following that you are arguing with, when you said that they didn't co-exist:
"If you place them as denizens of Limbo, like the Fiend Folio did (saying that co-exist with the slaadi), then they would have to be CN like the plane, right? That's how 1e cosmology works."

But sure, if you assume I meant that I wasn't talking about the Fiend Folio, or 1e, whatever. I mean, why should I even bother stating that I am using the Fiend Folio, and discussing the first edition if you're going to ignore it?
The argument is you want to be right. I never said you were wrong, I said the book is wrong.

Another example if the book being wrong is, My PHB for 5e I bought on day 1, has the spell Destructive Smite, which is a misprint of Destructive Wave, Soul Trap, which doesn't exist, and there is another spell listed that doesn't exist. Humans edit these books and humans make mistakes, but once the book is printed, the mistakes are there forever in that particular book. They can fix them in reprints and newer editions, but it's there.
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My take is that the Githzerai and Slaadi largely ignore each other. The Githzerai's concerns have little to nothing to do with the Slaadi, and over the aeons many young Slaadi have learned the hard way that Githzerai are too much trouble to make a good lunch, so they treat them with as much respect as a giant chaos-frog can muster.

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