D&D 4E Have you ever run 4e using just Essentials?

Jacob Lewis

Ye Olde GM
Work progresses, and things are starting to take shape.

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Jacob Lewis

Ye Olde GM
Regarding the big D&D announcement about the next version coming out:

You can get on the bus, letting someone else drive and hope they take you where you want to go. But when you feel like you missed your stop, don't just sit there and get pulled away from your destination. Have the courage to say, that's far enough. Let me off here. This is where I want to be. This is where I belong. I can find my own way now.

This is my One DnD.



My parties when using the older books used rituals all the time. Rituals were actually pretty sweet. They needed more of them though.

Whoops. Posted before finished.

Rituals were an amazing part of 4e that were underutilized. They should have been front and center.

There were not enough in the PHB but by the end of 4e there were rituals for 99% of the traditional 3e non combat utility spells.

If I played 4e again, I would lean into Rituals more. Here's how I would do it:

*Split the Rituals into Arcane, Divine, Primal lists (some work). Ritual classes only get access to 1 list (Wizard = Arcane, etc). Ritual feat only gives you access to 1 list.

* Give the traditional full utility casters (Wizard, Cleric, etc) free scaling rituals per day with "Rituals cast" per day progression like 3e spells but much lower. So maybe by 10th you can cast 1 free ritual per day at Level or lower, 1 free up to Level -2, and 2 free Level -4.

Rituals felt tacked on but could have been front and center for exploration / non combat to bring back a lot of the "creative magic". The difference is that 4e made rituals into more of a party resource, could be gained by anyone with a feat, and the stark line between combat and non combat made it less of a big deal that someone could do these things.

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