D&D 5E Have You Started Planning How You Will End 5e Yet?


Every time a new edition is announced, I start to consider if there is "one last thing" to do with the current one - a published adventure I didn't get to run, a campaign setting I didn't get to use, etc.
In 3.5e it was a high level romp in Maure Castle.
In 4e it was Scales of War.
I have one 5e game that is likely to end with Dead in Thay.
The other one - which started with Ghosts of Saltmarsh and then went way off course with Isle of Dread (OAR) ... I think that group wants to do Curse of Strahd next. I believe that would be a suitable ending for 5e.
I know 5.5 is theoretically going to be compatible, but if I think back to 3.0/3.5 or 3.5/Pathfinder - we never went back to use the old books.
What about you? Are you planning for the end of 5e yet? We have like 1.5 years to finish up our current campaigns and run what might be the last big campaign.

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My current campaign is almost certainly my last with the current version of the rulebooks. Whether it is my last ever, or if I buy the new books and carry on, remains to be seen.

That said, I'm not in the habit of having a planned "last campaign" - 2nd Ed ended with a partial run through of "The Shattered Circle" that we abandoned when 3e released; 3.5e was released while we were doing other things so the transition was 'natural', and the same with the move to 5e. I largely skipped 4e.

And, of course, it remains to be seen whether the 2024 books represent a new edition. My gut feeling is that my group will consider it a de facto new edition, in that we'll take the opportunity to clean the slate and start afresh, but we'll see.


Not sure that my main group will move on. Currently playing a 30-year-old campaign that started in Palladium rules year ago and continued in various editions of D&D in fits and starts since as time and circumstance allowed.
I ran a campaign to twentieth level that I would like to revisit, not sure I would shift the rules. But I like the direction the rules are going in. Not sure how my main groups feels about changing rules.


The High Aldwin
What about you? Are you planning for the end of 5e yet?
I have been for the last couple years, but in NO WAY to move on to 5.5 or whatever it ends up being.

I've never been a fan of WotC's design or the direction it has taken D&D (admittedly there are some things I thought was good, but it is probably less than 5% of it all...). I've only been playing 5E because the group I formed 4 years ago already had those books and wanted to try it. I've spent all that time since tweaking and such, never really satisfied with it.

Fortunately, I have enjoyed my games, but that is because I've enjoyed the time spent with friends and the adventures we've shared, not because it was 5E.

I recently started writing my own D&D (finally taking the advice of many to "Why don't you just write you own game?" ;) ).


I am done for now.
I am waiting for 6e or Pathfinder 3 or DnD_Reborns version.
I think "one D&D" is a huge mistake.
Sure they can maintain 5e with some changes, but they should also be working on 6e, and incompatible, reinvented version with new mechanics. The thought that you can't make a better game is ridiculous.
Rebuy all the books just so they can add a feat and a class and make superficial changes? No.


What about you? Are you planning for the end of 5e yet? We have like 1.5 years to finish up our current campaigns and run what might be the last big campaign.
I will continue with one 5e as I am now. I don't see enough difference between what we are playing now and what will come in '24 to consider it the end of 5e. We are starting a new campaign in the next 6 months* with some new house rules and I am 100% certain we will continue with those house rules into '24 5e. Might we grab some ideas from '24, sure we do that all the time. Will I use the new monsters from the '24 MM, probably. It is not changing our game, from what I have seen so far, if we adopt '24 or not. I expect it to be a seamless transition for us.

*To clarify, our current campaign started with 5e in 2014 and, like that one, I expect the new one to take 8+/- years. So we will be well into '24 5e before we finish.

Well, I've sworn off DMing after the current campaign, which should end in a couple of months, so it won't be up to me. I only came back to D&D because I like the 5e rules. Whilst I'm happy enough with the direction of OneD&D, I'm not budgeting for new rules. The big drawback of D&D remains the trite fantasy genre, so I will probably go back to science fiction RPGs for the next couple of editions.


I did end 5e with our 2-year campaign finale a couple of weeks ago. The premisses of One D&D is pretty meh to me and my table, and the calendar for the coming years is filled with Savage Worlds/Savage Pathfinder, Traveller and CoC. One never knows, but my guess is that our group will pass all together on the coming edition, there's simply nothing to be excited about.


Unserious gamer
None of the changes seem substantial enough to consider this an “edition change” (for whatever value that nomenclature has). Anyone who wants to use stuff from the 2024 book is welcome to at my tables, but I’m not going to “convert”. I already used 1st level feats as a houserule, and I’ll handle modified spells on a case-by-case basis.


I'm in the middle/end of a Forge of Fury/ Against the Giants campaign right now that looks like it will wind down by the summer. It was going to be a 'summer' campaign last year after ending a longer one before that and I was a bit burnt on making modules. I picked up the new Stormwreck Isle box set so that will be the next campaign with a lot of additional material on the island and back to the mainland after. That will last to the new edition comes out or a bit thereafter.

Not sure if the new books will just blend into the game and we pick up a few rules at a time, or should just go right in with everything. Not sure if I will allow much using older classes or the new one. Spells and feats will likely be the new stuff.


No, I don't like the direction of the changes. The feedback is 80%+ positive because those of us who don't like it have already checked out of the discussion.

I won't be buying any of the new books. One of my players probably will because he buys everything, but other than that, I don't expect most of them will go out and buy new PHBs.


If I decide to get the new edition books I'll just chat with the group and we'll decide what to do. We'll probably just have everybody update their PCs like we did when we went from 3.0 to 3.5. People can also create new PCs if they want, but that's always the case when I DM.

So no major transition. I'll still be running in the same campaign world, telling similar stories. The rules don't define the PCs, the players do. The rules are just the implementation and explanation of those PCs work. This isn't going to be a 3.5 to 4E transition, so I don't see an issue.

No idea - I'll see what people want to do when actual books are published, but I'm already an advocate for either PF2 of 13th Age depending on how the group plays.


I used to hang on until the end, but lately, I'm out before the new editions seem to even come around. The stuff WotC and Paizo put out isnt catching my interest. Not complaining just saying.

Micah Sweet

I'm sticking with A5e plus my homebrew. I just found a version of 5e that I really like, and nothing in 6e is imo worth dumping that. At best I might steal an element to add to my homebrew, but otherwise I'm done with WotC.

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