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D&D 5E Have You Started Planning How You Will End 5e Yet?


I did end 5e with our 2-year campaign finale a couple of weeks ago. The premisses of One D&D is pretty meh to me and my table, and the calendar for the coming years is filled with Savage Worlds/Savage Pathfinder, Traveller and CoC. One never knows, but my guess is that our group will pass all together on the coming edition, there's simply nothing to be excited about.

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None of the changes seem substantial enough to consider this an “edition change” (for whatever value that nomenclature has). Anyone who wants to use stuff from the 2024 book is welcome to at my tables, but I’m not going to “convert”. I already used 1st level feats as a houserule, and I’ll handle modified spells on a case-by-case basis.


I'm in the middle/end of a Forge of Fury/ Against the Giants campaign right now that looks like it will wind down by the summer. It was going to be a 'summer' campaign last year after ending a longer one before that and I was a bit burnt on making modules. I picked up the new Stormwreck Isle box set so that will be the next campaign with a lot of additional material on the island and back to the mainland after. That will last to the new edition comes out or a bit thereafter.

Not sure if the new books will just blend into the game and we pick up a few rules at a time, or should just go right in with everything. Not sure if I will allow much using older classes or the new one. Spells and feats will likely be the new stuff.


No, I don't like the direction of the changes. The feedback is 80%+ positive because those of us who don't like it have already checked out of the discussion.

I won't be buying any of the new books. One of my players probably will because he buys everything, but other than that, I don't expect most of them will go out and buy new PHBs.


If I decide to get the new edition books I'll just chat with the group and we'll decide what to do. We'll probably just have everybody update their PCs like we did when we went from 3.0 to 3.5. People can also create new PCs if they want, but that's always the case when I DM.

So no major transition. I'll still be running in the same campaign world, telling similar stories. The rules don't define the PCs, the players do. The rules are just the implementation and explanation of those PCs work. This isn't going to be a 3.5 to 4E transition, so I don't see an issue.

No idea - I'll see what people want to do when actual books are published, but I'm already an advocate for either PF2 of 13th Age depending on how the group plays.


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I used to hang on until the end, but lately, I'm out before the new editions seem to even come around. The stuff WotC and Paizo put out isnt catching my interest. Not complaining just saying.

Micah Sweet

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I'm sticking with A5e plus my homebrew. I just found a version of 5e that I really like, and nothing in 6e is imo worth dumping that. At best I might steal an element to add to my homebrew, but otherwise I'm done with WotC.

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