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D&D 5E Have You Started Planning How You Will End 5e Yet?

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I don't run just one game - each campaign is chosen separately. So, I'm running Wild Beyond the Witchlight right now. After that, who knows? Maybe Deadlands: Lost Colony. Maybe Spirit of the Century. Maybe something else.

I might come around to another WotC game before the edition switch, maybe not.


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...it's supposed to end? I've been playing it wrong this entire time, and nobody told me?

We just started a new 5E campaign. If it's anything like the previous one, it'll run for about 2 years and take the characters all the way from 1st level to 20th. Then it will be someone else's turn to be the DM, and I think he's working on a Call of Cthulhu campaign. After his CoC game wraps up, probably in about a year or two, another player will rotate into the DM chair, and he's been talking about running a sci-fi campaign (maybe Esper Genesis or maybe Star Wars, he's not sure yet. When it's my turn again, sometime around Year 2028, I'll probably run another 5E campaign.
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The idea struck me today actually. I've not been a Ravenloft guy really but I've been inspired by the forum on just how to write up my own little Domain.

I'm not planning any particular end, but my groups will need to make a decision whether, if we're mid-campaign come 2024, we convert to 6e then and there or wait until the campaign ends.

I lean towards converting, but considering the players will potentially have more work than I do as a result, I don't want to make a decision unilaterally.

I've already ended 5e for a campaign I recently started. In the last one, the players thwarted an effort to change Eberron's cosmogony by linking it a to a whole different set of planes than the usual ones. They, wisely, restored the original ones, based on a Giant device used to unlink Dal Quor. They ended at level 17... it was great. They were very happy of saving the world. In the recap, though, I reminded them that while they, indeed, had talked a few things about the necessity to take care of breaking the link to Xoriat... they had absolutely forgotten about it in the last 5 sessions and, indeed, linked it in the state the giants had left the device. So, Plane of Madness it is.

So the current campaign occurs a few years later, in a world changed in subtle way by the link to the Realm of Madness. Great works of arts have been created, but also a few problem sprang. The world isn't really the same. Which we reflected by switching to Mythras rules (porting the dragonmark powers to it) as a group of dragonmarked heroes assemble to... fix that strange feeling of off-ness they have deep inside them.

It is possible it will last far after 2024, so maybe I won't run 5e ever again, just playing in it.


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It is all D&D to me. . . so I'll continue to run it like I want, making use of rules and assumptions from all the editions as it works for my table at any given time. 5.5 or 6e or One D&D (or whatever you want to call it) is just more grist for my mill. 🤷‍♂️


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A new edition has not been announced. In fact, WotC started the announcement by emphatically stating that they are NOT doing editions any longer, and that it will just be "D&D," based on the 5e rules with incremental change over time. You will still be able to use all your 5e materials because it will still be 5e, in effect.

So I haven't thought about switching anything over because I don't need to. Any more than I worried about wrapping things up in preparation for Tasha's, etc.

Edit: honestly, a lot of these responses indicate that people either are not actually watching/reading WotC's releases, or just refuse to accept their words.

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