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D&D 5E Have You Started Planning How You Will End 5e Yet?

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Are you planning for the end of 5e yet? We have like 1.5 years to finish up our current campaigns and run what might be the last big campaign.
Yes, although right now I'm ambivalent about 1D&D.
Will we finish our campaign in time, I wish so but it is probably unlikely. There is A LOT to get through and we do not play once a week like many others.
So although I am aware of the time-frame we are not bound by it as I think eventually, when our campaign actually concludes, I will rather direct our table towards an amalgamation between 5e, 1D&D, Level Up and our own rules.


I'm really waiting to see how the next (not-)edition turns out, before we determine whether we'll stay with 2014, upgrade to 2024, play a hybrid of both, or whatever. The current Curse of Strahd campaign I'm in will be finished way before 2024, and I'm hoping to run either a Star Wars (D6) or Cyberpunk Red game between that and the next 5e campaign. Whether that 5e ends before the 2024, who knows, and if it's still going we'll see how things go from there, but we'll probably finish it out before upgrading (assuming we do).


...it's supposed to end? I've been playing it wrong this entire time, and nobody told me?

We just started a new 5E campaign. If it's anything like the previous one, it'll run for about 2 years and take the characters all the way from 1st level to 20th. Then it will be someone else's turn to be the DM, and I think he's working on a Call of Cthulhu campaign. After his CoC game wraps up, probably in about a year or two, another player will rotate into the DM chair, and he's been talking about running a sci-fi campaign (maybe Esper Genesis or maybe Star Wars, he's not sure yet. When it's my turn again, sometime around Year 2028, I'll probably run another 5E campaign.

You didn't read the notice? That all of your D&D books will self destruct the moment the new revision is published? It's right there in the DMG ... oh, right. I answered my own question. No one reads the DMG so of course you didn't know! Never mind. ;)


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
My group didn’t end any campaigns when 5e came out, so I don’t see any reason to think an update to the same game would cause what a new edition didn’t.

We will review the new PHB and see if we want to update any characters or wait for the next new campaign to use the new stuff. Mostly likely we will update, because they seem to be bringing the outlier features closer to the middle, making the game more balanced and IMO more fun. I’d rather have the UA Sharpshooter than the old one, for instance.

Then again, Speedster sucks I’ll be keeping Mobile, thanks. So as it has always been, all official stuff will be on the table, new options allow for adjustments as long as they don’t change who the character is or broadly what they look like, and if nothing works for ya, I’ll homebrew something!


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Yeah also, I am writing a game, and it’s nearly ready for playtesting by strangers (Covid slowed me down and then I got a new management position that took up 50+ hours of my week every week, or it would be there already), so as campaigns wrap up, I’ll likely try to replace at least one of them with that.


You didn't read the notice? That all of your D&D books will self destruct the moment the new revision is published? It's right there in the DMG ... oh, right. I answered my own question. No one reads the DMG so of course you didn't know! Never mind. ;)
But can you see from my angle - how it may get confusing having two very similar versions of the game being played at the same table?
Do you get a 1st level feat? The 2024 PHB that John has says he gets one; Sally who made her character with the 2014 copy came without one.
Does rolling a Natural 20 automatically succeed and give you an Inspiration? John got one, but now I have to remind Sally that she gets one.
John's character has a more meaningful background than Sally does, and his dwarf has tremorsense.
As a DM, am I using the monsters from the 2024 Monster Manual? Does that upset the balance of the encounters in Out of the Abyss?
A player has read the Bastion rules and builds their character concept around that goal. Do I have the rest of the players borrow that copy of the PHB to have the same engagement with the campaign?
Do I pick and choose which weapons have special features? Do I say "we're going to use the 2014 version of Hold Person and the 2024 version of Charm Monster - so you'll have to keep both books handy."
Does the similarity of 2014 and 2024 rules iterations cause a DM to conflate the two versions and become confused?
What about organized play and pick-up games with strangers? Will each table need to have a sheet of house rules to say which variations apply?
But yes, at my tables when 3.5 came out, 3.0 was tossed out. When Pathfinder was released, 3.5 was abandoned. This wasn't just my observations - my contacts in the publishing industry told me this happened to their products. They stopped selling when the books didn't have the +.5 added to 3rd edition.

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