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Hell's Burning Mark for Non-Defenders?

So, I was fiddling around with a Teleporting Assasin build on the character builder, playing as a Revenant Tielfing in order to pick up Hellfire Teleport. Why just go for Long Night Scion when I can an extra ping on my teleports? As I was searching for it, however, I came across the feat in question: Hell's Burning Mark. Whenever I mark an enemy, they gain Vulnerability 5 to Fire Damage. This had me thinking, what ways are there for an Assassin to potentially pick up the ability to Mark opponents, and be capable of taking advantage of Hell's Burning Mark?

The only option I know of, without going full hybrid, is to Multiclass into a Rogue and grab the Blade Bravo Paragon Path. Are there any other options? Any alternative Paragon Paths, Themes or Epic Destinies I might be able to use? Or would I have to go full hybrid, which just doesn't go well with an Assassin?

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