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Help a Gamer Out: Streaming Recommendations for Self Isolation

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Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (Netflix)
This was fun, endearing, and a colorful take on the post-apocalyptic genre

What We Do in the Shadows (Hulu)
I was afraid that it wouldn't stack up to the movie, but the series is so funny.

Harlots (Hulu)
The writing on this is so sharp, the costumes gorgeous. Saucy, but not salacious. And I believe it's done.

The 70s/80s/90s (Netflix)
Each of these series has been a fascinating watch so far.

The Toys That Made Us (Netflix)
Each episode features a different iconic toyline and the story behind them. Fascinating, and in many cases a direct nostalgia mainline.

Dad of Light (Netflix)
Sweet, sad, and funny. One for the heartstrings.

The Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)
Cancelled before its time. The cast's chemistry is great. Very entertaining.


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
1. Castlevania (Netflix) [engaging, if gory, re-imagining of Dracula]
2. Disenchanted (Netflix) [hilarious fantasy cartoon by Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons]
3. Witcher (Amazon) [not great but fun, if you haven't see it yet, it'll help pass the hours enjoyably]
4. Journey Quest (YouTube, Amazon, The Fantasy Network) [Zombie Orpheus Entertainment - dark parody of a D&D campaign, but told as a story without the metagame stuff in the The Gamers]
5. The Gamers (The Fantasy Network, YouTube, Amazon) [Zombie Orpheus Entertainment on a group of gamers told from both the gamer side and the character side of reality]
6. Altered Carbon (Netflix) [excellent sci-fi series exploring a future where tech allows for near immortality]
7. HarmonQuest (Amazon) [live play before a live audience that is later animated]
8. Acquisitions Incorporated PAX games (YouTube, Twitch) [still my favorite live stream before a live audience]
9. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (Amazon) [learn the difference between a Wizard and a Sorcerer, but set during the Napoleonic wars}
10. Lexx [Amazon, but the American version is missing some content, Hulu may have the full content. Dark comedy about the most powerful weapon in two universes and the misfits who hijacked it]

But why just watch stuff? Participate by finding games on Roll20 or checking out various Facebook Groups that focus on online one-shots. Also, Meetup.com for online gaming groups.


Married with Children. Amazon.

11 season's of politically incorrect dated satire.

The Mandalorian Disney +
Fun star wars series, can binge in 1-2 nights.

Bosch 6 seasons Amazon Prime
Crime drama that's decent. It's not great but it's good IMHO.

Justified Amazon Prime 6 seasons.

It's a modern western set in coal county Kentucky. Stars Timothy Oliphant. Almost as good as Breaking Bad.

Highlander 6 Seasons Amazon Prime
Has aged terribly but kinda fun in early 90s cheesy way.

Netflix Stuff

Money Heist.
Foreign language. Spanish Rob a mint type escapade.

Altered Carbon
Sci fi show where your memory bus saved on a chip and can be planted into new bodies.

Ok crime dramas with criminal helping bthr FBI.

Money laundering escapade in the Ozarks.

Israeli drama with tensions in middle East. Gritty middle of the road complex show.

Narcos and Narcos Mexico.

Drug cartels in Columbia and Mexico.

Better Than Us
Russian sci fi with AI type. Very good twist on the old classic.


Bosch is a good cop show. Gets better when the writers realize that some story threads have no where to go.
Also, being an LA native, the city almost get a starring role. The show does a good job making the city a character.
The first seasons victim ‘lived’ a few blocks from where I am now. Most of the places they visit I’ve been to, eaten at or lived near(and these aren’t t landmarks or tourist areas). Heck, the ‘drive by’ happens a few blocks from where I live.
I’ve been inside their police station a few times.
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I liked Bosch. We're not big on crime drama. 2nd best Amazon original I've seen behind The Boys.

But yeah Justified so so good.

Blacklist it's ok to good. There's lots of it though.

Oh Messiah was a binge watch over two days. I liked it.


All Canada:

Brooklyn 9-9 awesome show, great cast! (Netflix)

Fauda (Netflix) for sure great show love the whole vibe.

Bodyguard (Netflix) great show, creator also has crazy good show that used to be on Netflix in Canada but didn't show today - Line of Duty. Wow wow crazy plot twists, great cast and story and great acting.

Homeland (Netflix 1-7, Crave TV final season 8 on right now) Carrie be crazy, will miss this show 3 new episodes left?

Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show (Netflix) - only 6 episodes could do in one evening about 2 hours but funny stuff - she just cracks me up. Little bits of vulgarity, but all in all clever fun stuff.

The Honorable Woman (Netflix) it was on recently, not in Canada any longer but may be in US etc. Maggie Gyllenhall is great, acting is great, story is interesting and really well done overall.

Halloween Horror For 5E