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I've been trying to track down a movie I saw in Russia nearly 15 years ago, but I don't recall much about it.
  • It was a modern, animated, feature-length film, dated from early- or mid-2000s. (Definitely post-Soviet era.)
  • I don't recall much at all about the story, only that the film itself was pretty trippy.
  • I think it was about Baba Yaga as a young girl;
    • But it might have been a Baba Yaga-adjacent folktale, perhaps a take on Vasilisa the Beautiful.
  • There was a character that was very tall and dressed in black robes, with a horse(?) skull for a head.
    • It looked like a villain, but I think it was really a helpful sidekick.
And that's pretty much it! It's been bugging me for quite some time, and defied my attempts at googling.
So if this rings a bell, I'd like to hear anyone's guesses what this might be.

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Well, not sure, but there is a film that is VERY hard to find as it was never released (as far as I know) to modern media.

It is called Vasilisa (released year 2000).

The closest I could find to any media is perhaps this which is a collection of clips

youtube Vasilisa with Nina Hagen

And here is the IMDB page

Vasilisa (2000)

Actually, on further reflection, that couldn't be it either, as it is not animated...oh well..

There is this film, about the right time, but doesn't really match some of your descriptions...

Карлик Нос

It is known as Little Longnose in English.

Here is a Youtube link

Little Longnose
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Well after a quick look, I know it's not Little Longnose... but I'll give it a watch for fun at some point! The film I'm thinking about has more "modern" style. It might even be computer animated, but I can't say for sure.
I'll keep looking, thanks!

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