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5E Help me design Half-Orc Barbarian-Champion


Well I'm looking for some comments and feedback on the character that has been developing over three campaigns and now has been restarted in 5e Oberron setting.

He is called Morhdus and his background is as follows: he once started out as an outcast from his Orcish tribe. For an Half-Orc, he was unusually strong and had a weird tendency to defend the weak. The other youths from his tribe lived by the rule of strongest. One day he picked a fight with a bully: "Pick on someone who poses a real challenge to your strength!" The orc gladly accepted but soon found out that Orhcus (his name back then) had some extra tricks up his sleeve. He abused the wild attacks from his opponent to make him trip and cause the crowd to laugh, which only infuriated him more. Ohcrs finished him off by impaling him once he was down, which didn't go down well with the Orc tribe. Since it was a fair duel, the elders decided to get rid of this troublesome kid, who was born in a particularly stormy night.
Ohrcus survived by his fighting skills, renting his services to hunt down monsters, fight in pit's or arena's in order to keep busy and make some coin. He isn't the smartest but he knows how to crush opponents skulls.

Fast Forward: he died refusing to retreat and came back as a revenant, since a mysterious god didn't want him to die, he needed to fulfill a task. He lost his memory but for his name: Morhdus.

He fought a war on another world were he became the avatar of Armagodin, which granted him the power to bend metal with his rage.

Fast Forward: once in Eberron and the campaign underway, Mohrdus got killed by a mind devourer, which was inside a bugbear. We roleplayed that Armagodin (Khyber in Eberron) intimidated the mind devourer to obey him and help him return to power by fulfilling the prophecy.

So this is why Morhdus has now the mental stats of a Mind devourer and has more of an lawful evil tendecny, while trying to maintain the Chaotic Good nature of former Morhdus. The Mind Devourer must stay in character in order not to have the party kill him.

So currently Morhdus is level 7 Barb and stats are:

STR: 16, DEX 14, CON 16, INT 12, WIS 11, CHA 10. He has chosen the path of Armagodin's Avatar (Ancestrial Guardian). I have only added that he can change weapon damage type during rage as a bonus action of the weapon he is wielding (Bludge-, peirc- or slashing of course).

At fourth level I have taken Savage Attacker Redux.
Which I home brew to give three features:
  1. +1 to STR or DEX (opted DEX)
  2. Once per round you may reroll melee weapon damage dice, if the reroll <= initial roll, add half weapon die (6 for d12, 5 for d10 and so on)
  3. Once per short or long rest, you may reroll the weapon damage dice of a critical hit.
He wears a breastplate for 16 AC and typically wields a Great axe (because this is bad ass and that's why I opted for savage attacker redux).

I want do multiclass into fighter for Champions subclass and pick up Great Weapon Fighting style, which I want to Review to:
Reroll the following results on 2 handed melee weapon damage dice but you have to use the rerolled result.
  • 1-2 for d6
  • 1-3 for d8 or d10
  • 1-4 for d12
This would give d12 +1,33 average damage just as GWF style gives +1,33 to 2d6.
My first question here is: isn't this going to give a too reliable damage boost paired with Savage Attacker Redux, as 1-4 will be very rare, so the +6 boost will be applied more often.

Before I start picking up fighter I want to pick up the Lucky feature, because Morhdus has been lucky to have died two times and still be in the campaign, so three times is the charm.
I would Redux the Lucky feat to: "after you have applied disadvantage or advantage, you may roll an additional d20 and pick the highest." To get rid of the super-advantage out of disadvantage shenanigans.

Also I feel I want a contingency before I turn Mohrdus into a Crit-Fisher, damage dealer. We don't want him to be charmed and unleashed at the party, as he is the only tank. We do have a monk, but he is isn't going to stop Mohrdus.

So the rest of the Party is:
  • Lizardfolk Life Domain Cleric, who really likes necromancy and has picked up Magic innitiate for find familiar
  • Elf Druid, Circle of the Forest, who is new player, she is getting used to dnd and roleplaying
  • Satyr Bard, Glamour college
  • Warforged, Monk Way of the Gun (gun fu kind of version of Way of the Open Hand)

Thank you for feedback and tips on rounding this character out. I like it fluffy but I also want him to be effective at tanking by Ancestral Guardian but also being a big enough of a threat and it's just plain fun to smack monsters in the head with a great axe.

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