Help query looking for data on the following!


First thank you for reading and responding! Now to what I am looking for possible future TTRPGS in my gaming sessions. Note that if repliers could provide actual information stats for them or Core Books titles thanks?

Alien Races Compendium from Star Trek/Wars, Aliens, and other

Animal Bestiary of standard creatures and ways to alter them i.e. Dire or Zombie templates or making a giant Black Viper measuring 50+ meters.

Beast Creature Monster Race Species Compendium with notation for any Racial Regional Skill bonuses for them. Example Elves Forest compared to Plain Elves cousins have the following bonuses. Also, any comparison for using Core Stats of Elves for Hyrulian variants or Final Fantasy style campaigns humans become hume or hyur.

Cryptids Species such as Bigfoot, Flatwoods Monster, Mothman, Chupacabra

Cybernetics Model Types and rules for them such as surgical Implantation, Cybernetics Psychosis, etcetera.

Dinosaurs' stats for a possible Dino Crisis or survivors landing a planet of Dinosaurs.

Flora Compendium including any magical or mystical alterations for them i.e., Mana Shrooms replenish x-MP when made into a potion.

Material Compilation Compendium of standard, magical, and futuristic super alloys. Example Wood- Oak has Hardness/HP Inch while Titanium is NA or Yet to Be Stated

Possibly more queries to follow later.

General Weapon Damage Compilation of Dice Rolls from old archaic medieval to more Modern Future Weapon Placement Systems

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Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
My apologies, but it's not very clear to me what you are looking for. It looks like you are looking for resources that describe things mechanically for an RPG system, but you are posting this in TTRPG General so there's no system implied.

Can you give a bit more description of what you are asking for?


@ Blue considering the multitude of TTRPG systems published thus far I am merely looking for either actual Core Book titles, supplemental books, or PDF's that cover or expand upon the general specs I initially queried. Or in the likelihood of someone posting their houserule homebrew compilation compendium to the net on another platform post site somewhere.

I have plenty of self-compiled notes from television Documentaries, game wiki sites to get inspiration from like Blade Runner, Cyberpunk or Deus Ex or core books whenever I can find a good, priced copy. Also, some regarding material composition types from an old handyman repair book example which woods are soft to hardwoods, some flora notes from Isekai Anime regarding magical types and the benefits to Stat Buffing worked out regarding them.

I'll work on refining the opening post query shortly here.

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