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Help scaling down Ring Of Spell Storing


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A Ring Of Spell Storing is very powerfull, can hold 10 level of spell in it, for a cost of 90.000 gp.

I would like to scale it down, from 1 to 9 level, to make an affordable version for my players.

Besides, the ROSS has no limit of spell level, up to the max. spell level of the ring is not reached.

I would even like to consider the price for a limited level Ring, i thing that a 4 level ROSS with a max. 2 level limit ( so, no fireball, fly or dispell) shoud cost less than a non limited 4 level ROSS.

But i'm not very good in pricing it, so help is welcome!!!

Thank everyone!

A little more question: if i understand right, a ROSS can be used by any player, is this correct?

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green slime

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Well, there is alway the Purple Vibrant Ioun Stone of Munchkins:

Stores up to 6 spell levels for a cost of a mere 12,000 gp.

This is one of my pet peeves. One or the other is incorrectly priced.

My logic follows:
A ring of spellstoring, takes up an item slot (one of the two ring
fingers), stores up to 10 spell-levels, costs 90,000 gp.

An Ioun stone consumes no item slot (and therefore should include a x2 cost increase) and
stores 6 spell-levels. For the facile price of 12,000 gp???

How strange that no true powergamer uses the ring... All Game of Death participants use the stone, if they choose to have this feature.

You could treat it as a "use activated" Spell effect item: 2,000 gp
* 11 (caster level) * 6 (spell level) = 72,000 gp, x2 for "slotless" =
144,000 gp. (Somewhat expensive)

IF you consider that the ring costs 9,000 gp / spell level, then the stone should cost 108,000 gp (9,000 gp * 6 * 2) (Still too expensive)

IF you consider that the ring costs 1,000 gp * spell-levels (10)* Max Spell level (9) and apply this to the Stone:
1,000 gp * 6 * 6 * 2 = 72,000 gp. This is price seems more reasonable, in comparisson to the ring.

NOW, you wanted not to use an Ioun Stone, but rather a ring, and with the above last calculation, you can see that because a ring is a slotted item, it would cost 36,000 gp.

OR lower the max spell level even further: 1,000 gp * 4 *4 = 16,000 gp for a ring that stores up to 4 spell levels, max 4th level.

The good thing with the above formulae is that you can work out any max spell level / stored spell levels combination your heart desires. (Although I wouldn't recommend allowing extreme low max spell levels with huge amounts of storage ability, YMMV)

And yes, any character can use a RoSS, or an Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone (VPIS)
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I wouldn't use the x2 multiplier for an ioun stone because while they are slotless, they are easier to destroy. Yes, I know that a +2 strength ioun stone costs twice as much as a pair of gauntlets of ogre power.

Since magical items are often priced using the square of their rating, a scalable formula for a ring of spell storing would be level x level x 900 gp.

1 spell level = 900 gp
2 spell levels = 3600 gp
3 spell levels = 8100 gp
10 spell levels = 90000 gp

That way, it would be slightly less costly than an equivalent pearl of power.

Edit : By this formula, the ioun stone would be worth 32400 gp, or 64800 gp if you use the "slotless" multiplier.
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green slime

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Well that is all well and dandy, except:

I don't think that Ioun Stones "ease of destruction" has been taken into account at all. I tihnk they are meant to be just as much part of a character's equipment as gloves, helmet, and rings, and thus fairly impervious to destruction.

Dusty Rose IS costs costs twice as much as a ring of deflection +1

All the Stat boosting Stones cost twice as much as an ordinary equivalent item (gloves, bracers, amulet of [stat] +2).

Clear Spindle IS costs twice as much as a Ring of Sustenance

So that is 8 examples, and just so happens to include all examples that have equivalent items in "slotted" positions.

Consider, By the rules, You can purchase 2 (two) rings of Spell storing (storing up ninth level spells, 20 spell levels total, OR for the same price (180,000 gp), purchase 15 VPIS storing up to 6th level spells, 90 (NINETY) spell levels total.

A pearl of power is only usable by spell-users that prepare spells, and thus is completely useless to those non-spell users, Thus it should be costing MORE, not LESS than a pearl of power.

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