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Here's What's Available For Free RPG Day

Free RPG Day is on July 25th. New organizer Gaming Days has revealed what free RPG products will be available to stores. Each store gets over 100 items to give away.


  • 9th Level Games: Level One Anthology of Indie RPGs (15 copies)
  • Cubicle 7: Warhammer 40K Wrath & Glory (7 copies)
  • Dave Taylor Miniatures/Mantic Games/Army Painter: How to Paint a Library (7 copies)
  • Fantasy Flight Games: Genesys Keyforge (11 copies)
  • Gatekeeper Games: Dice (3 items)
  • Goodman Games: Dungeon Crawl Classics (7 copies)
  • Hit Point Press: Humblewood (3 copies)
  • Magpie Games: Root RPG (7 copies)
  • Oni Games: Junior Braves (7 copies)
  • Paizo, Inc.: Pathfinder RPG (15 copies)
  • Paizo, Inc.: Starfinder RPG (15 copies)
  • Q-Workshop: Dice (3 items)
  • Renegade Game Studios: Kids on Bikes (7 copies)
  • Renegade Game Studios: Overlight (7 copies)
  • Roll20: Subscription Promo (12)
  • Wizkids: Warlock Tile exclusive item (1 item)
Russ Morrissey



The closest store to Toronto is in New York State??? So I have to renew my passport to participate then.

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