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41st lv DM
I've made a few models through them. The detail on your mini will depend upon the material you choose.

Unless you want crap (wich is not Forges fault), DO NOT order the cheapest plastic option. If you do you'll get some grainy thing with virtually no detail that'll look bad no matter how you do/don't paint it.

All of mine are in the high quality dark plastic. The $20 some price range. After a light grey primer they look great. Wich us good as I'm a notoriously slow painter....

One of my friends had a knight done in metal.
I'm not sure what option he picked, but it came out kind of rough textured with mediocre detail.
I wouldn't pick that, but he likes it....


I've painted a few up for commissions. Throw the money down for the higher end materials for sure. Some of the weapons can be delicate, so handle them carefully. They are not bad models to paint.

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