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Hey Guys!

I've been wanting to play a HexBlade Warlock ever since it came out (and I've wanted to play Warlock since I first saw the D&D 5th Edition), but since I usually DM and a Warlock didn't fit the one campaign I got to play it, I haven't had the opportunity...until now! =)

Recently I got into a Curse of Strahd game where the group had no arcane caster, and I had a character concept for a Warlock that was bursting to get out. I've only played him one session and I love the character idea, but now I am looking to the future and am a little underwhelmed by the Warlock spell lists. I'm looking for some feedback and maybe some spell suggestions of solid ones to take.

For reference, some basic character info:
Str: 8
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 14
Wis: 12
Cha: 18

Human - Variant, Warlock-HexBlade 4, Pact of the Blade, Background - Sage

Feats: Ritual Caster (Wizard), ASI Cha +2

Invocations: Agonizing Blast, Fiendish Vigor

Equipment: Breastplate, Greatsword (Pact Weapon)

Character Concept: Basic 15-Year Old "edgelord" who quit Wizarding-School because he thought he knew better...also because he found a forbidden arcane tome that connected him with his Patron. He considers himself a "Shadow Mage" and he is doing magic that regular Wizards "can't handle".

This is NOT an optimized build and I am OK with that since it fits the character concept more. However, when spell selection is concerned, I was looking at the roadmap of Spells and didn't see a lot that stood out to me post 3rd level. I was "considering" dipping into Shadow Sorcerer because I felt it fit and that the Metamagic Quicken Spell feature would be more useful than a 4th Level Damage equivalent Blight (4d10 +16 [38] vs. 8d8 [36]). But damage aside, I am sure there are other spells that I am severely overlooking right? What are some Pure-HexBlade-Warlock spells I should look closer at?

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I wouldn't try to talk you out of a sorcerer MC, but if you wanted to stick with HB, I think there is plenty to keep you happy as you get to higher levels. Warlocks can't compete with sorcerer for blasting out a bunch of area damage, but the HB is good at using magic to be evasive or taking the enemy out of combat altogether. You get your strikes in, but they can't hit you back as easily because you have teleported away, are obscured by darkness, you have de-buffed them, or mentally shut them down.

3rd: Blink, Fly, Hypnotic Pattern, Thunder step
4th: Banishment, Dimension door, Shadow of Moil
5th: Cone of Cold, Far Step, Hold Monster, Synaptic Static

Mystic Arcanum
6th: Mass Suggestion
7th: Forcecage
8th: Dominate Monster
9th: Foresight

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