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D&D 5E Swashbuckler / Hexblade help

Dax Doomslayer

Hi Folks,
I'm considering rolling a Tabaxi Swashbuckler / Hexblade PC. I'm pretty set on the Tabaxi/Swashbuckler and Warlock part (hexblade is in the air still). Our DM gives us a 15 and 16 and then we roll the rest of the stats (4d6). I was fortunate to roll an 18 for one of the stats, 13, 11 and a 10. So stats are 18, 16, 15, 13, 11 and 10. I'm kind of playing the mobility aspect of the Tabaxi Swashbuckler and also the 'luck' type of notion for a cat. Obviously the feat "Lucky" but also the Warlock (especially Hexblade) has some 'luck' type things like Hexblade Curse/Hex and then some spells (like mind sliver). I was thinking starting as Rogue and then at level 2 take Hexblade, then 3 straight in Rogue. For cantrip, Booming Blade would be a nice pick I would think at 2nd level along with Minor Illusion - I don't really see this guy using Eldritch Blast. I would take Armor of Agathys and Hex (getting Shield/Wrathful Smite as a Hexblade). I was looking to keeping them fairly close (no real 'dip') - maybe 12 Swash/8 Warlock.

I was wondering if anyone has any advice - especially on the Warlock side as I haven't played this class but looks to be a fun class to couple with Swashbuckler. The campaign will probably go to around 12th or so but may continue after. Any input / thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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With those stats you will shine always... I'm for swashbucker 3/Hexblade 10 and then it's blurry. Hexblade can be really strong melee char.


I think I'm the opposite. Some of the higher Swash features are really fun. Evasion is lifesaving, the more sneak attack the better, and reliable talent mixed with expertise mixed with panache is almost auto-territory for two really good features in one. Hexblade is a nice accompaniment to swash but I definitely would put more in Swash.


I played a Hexblade to 19th level ending that campaign last year. I've also played a multi-class rogue a little. My experience is that you want one or the other. There's less sneak attack and less spells in an already slow progression if you do this. I recommend doing Swashbuckler and if you want spells, there are feats that can do that. As a Hexblade attacking with Charisma was awesome but as a rogue, you're almost certainly going to want a good Dex anyway. If you're favoring the Hexblade side, instead of dipping rogue, consider feats and Eldritch Invocations that help you be sneaky. With Eldritch Smite and a good Pact Weapon, you'll do plenty of single target damage anyway.

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