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High Elves Vs. Kaiju


Let's say our Elven forest will be overrun soon.
By a Kaiju (OA Gargantua), a reptilian beast not unlike Godzilla.
Their council of high level wizards and fighter/wizards
of course wants to prevent this.

Their epic level guy is on vacation, so they have to do the
job with only 20th level {or less} equipment, spells, and feats.
Cooperative spellcasting or non-artifact magic items are available.

The preferred method is to buff up and enlarge one of their
best fighters to equal size {80 ft, Colossal}
and have him beat the thing in personal combat.

Cost is no object, as they must protect the kingdom,
but alas, they have no divine or epic things available.
They will use a wish if necessary, but want to try the sporting way first.

How do they beat the thing ?

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How many elves are allowed to fight, and what levels are available?

They have lots of spellcasters, so I think they should put some sort of magic trap in its path, lure it, and then kill it in said trap. Perhaps a massive field of really soft mud (Soften Earth and Sand) to bog it down, while elven archers shoot it from a distance and flying casters burn it down with Staves of Fire. Unless the kaiju has a ranged attack it might die without killing any elves. But that's not really possible if only one elf is able to stand up to this thing.

Touch AC 3, no SR -- lots of touch or ranged-touch spells like disintegrate and harm. Craft a butt-ton of disintegrate scrolls for lower level wizards to use -- 5d6 even if the save is made still racks up the damage if you have enough casters, especially if aided by the high level casters.


these are good.

can multiple casters jack up a fighter to colossal size ?
how many times can you stack up Enlarge Person and Empower Spell on it.
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Enlarge Person cannot stack with itself, and Empower Spell does nothing for it.

There is a Colossal Size (not necessarily exact name) spell in Oriental Adventures, which is pretty high-level (8th?) but doesn't give the full range of benefits of penalties. (Going from Medium to Colossal should give +32 Strength, but the spell gives a lot less.)

Increasing your size to fight a kaiju is a very poor strategy. At best you're going to be limping from hit point loss at the end of it since the kaiju has an attack bonus of +77! Things like Mirror Image (a fighter mage?) won't help because the kaiju has Blind-Fight, so it can just close its eyes and kill him. The fighter will be taking penalties because there's no reasonable way to make the save versus Frightful Presence without using magic (so he'd have to use that). Freedom of Movement is mandatory because he can't make a grapple check of over +100.

You shouldn't fight on the kaiju's terms; fly and keep hitting it with Scorching Ray (or whatever spells you need to bypass it's energy resistances, if it has any). Do it from long range because the kaiju has a pretty decent Jump check.
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The elves need to create a giant magical adamantium golem to fight the kaiju.

In Scarred Lands, it was a Mithril Golem. :D

And, really, why bother? Charm it and send it off to chomp your enemies. I've got an elven nation at my command here? That means LOTS of casters. Illusions, charms, tons of debuffs until it fails it's save and you've got yourself a nice little pet.


Just put some bait out and pull him into neighboring lands. Or just hide - the amount of damage a monster can do to a forest is pretty limited.

Of course this si standard DnD semi-pacifist elves. If these are butch Celtic elves, a fight is a must. The giantized warrior is an absolutely lovely idea, supported by as much healing/damage prevention/buff as can be mustered. And a large party of Coshees or giant wolfhounds to distract it. Possibly traps as well, such as deep pitfalls (to give the hero time to be healed).


First Post
Ability damage is the way to go. With a 13 dex, 6 int, and 16 wis, all these stats can be the target. Int is easiest.
What you need is the following:
-rope trick, so you can prepare and set up an ambush. It's extraplanar, so defeats empathic senses. What the hell... make it a magnificent mansion.
-some wizards with access to Ray of Stupidity (lvl 2, 1d4+1 int damage, ray, close range, no save, SR: yes). 4 should be enough (1 rolled a 1 to his hitroll, others roll minimum damage) to ensure the beast is left in a coma. Ray of stupidity is not capped to 1 int like touch of idiocy or bestow curse.
-Sit in magnificent mansion until gargantua gets near.
-on each wizard, cast improved invis, mindblank and fly.
-wizards exit mansion, and cast their rays.
-warriors charge in and hit it until it dies.

optional step: reduce its HD and make some simulacra (Gargantua mounts for everyone!)

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