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D&D 5E homebrew feat, whip master


So I have just been thinking about a homebrew feat for using a whip Indiana Jones style. I based this largely on polearm master which offers a reaction-reach attack and a bonus attack, instead of extra damage this uses a non-damaging disarm/shove/grapple attack and you also must hit to do it (not merely attack to do it).

1. When you take the attack action and attack with a whip and hit the target you can immediately use a bonus action to attempt to disarm the target, grapple the target or use a special form of shove against the target. Disarm and grapple are handled per the standard rules in the DMG and PHB. Shove is handled as a normal shove except the enemy is moved up to 5' towards the whip wielder instead of away. The whip wielder can alternatively attempt to shove the target prone.

2. When wielding a whip other creatures provoke an opportunity attack from you when they enter the reach you have with the whip.

What do you think? This could be combined with sentinel to give rogues and other dex characters a good melee control option. In terms of damage it is inferior to polearm master by quite a bit. A polearm master is going to do over twice as much DPR (1d4+S/D vs 1d10+1d4+2xS) and the gap widens with multiple attacks. This gives more control options though. Sucks, OP, just right?

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