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D&D 5E Homebrew Spell: Parasitic Soul (Feedback Request)

What are your thoughts on this spell?

Parasitic Soul
9th level necromancy / transmutation
Casting Time: 1 hour per level or CR
Range: Touch
Components: V, S
Duration: Permanent

The spells allows the caster to replace the original souls of the target with a duplicate of one chosen by the caster. A success of this spell usually destroys the target’s soul. This means it requires a wish or a miracle to recover the target soul. A parasitic soul is a copy of another soul – the two possess the same temperaments, and alignments. They usually find each other agreeable and amiable. The souls is not necessarily that of the caster, it may simply be a soul to which the caster has access.

The target receives four Wisdom saves. The save is difficult. On the first failure, the intelligence score of the parasitic soul replaces that of the target. On the second failure, the charisma score of the parasitic soul replaces that of the target. On the third failure, the wisdom score of the parasitic soul replaces that of the target. On the fourth failure, the alignment of the parasitic soul replaces that of the target. The target’s soul is gone and the physical form under the command of a new soul after four failures. The news soul, and its personality, assumes command of the target’s class, and any powers or abilities. Subsequent saving throws are only required if one fails; the saving throws for charisma is only required if the saving throw for intelligence fails (meaning the parasitic souls is able to advance in its replacement of the target soul). If the target fails some, but not all, of the saving throws, the parasitic soul remains affixed to the target. So long as it remains, it consumes 10% of all new experience points the target would receive. If the target makes a save, they are immune to the spell for a year. They may again be subject to the spell after that time. A dispel good and evil spell is sufficient to expel the parasitic soul and end that effect. Without the expulsion of the parasitic soul, an additional casting of the spell will resume where it left off. That is, if the spell stopped on a successful charisma saving throw, then the spell skips the intelligence saving throw and begins with another charisma saving throw. Lastly, the presence of a parasitic soul distorts efforts to read someone’s alignment; it reveals both the alignment of the target and that of the parasitic soul, but does not reveal they are distinct entities.
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