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5E [Homebrew] Suggested Books for Homebrewing DM


So I run my own Homebrew based on the 5E rules and I have the PHB, DMG, MM, Volo's Guide, and the Tome of Beasts. Yesterday I was at the comic book shop and found a 4th edition book "Open Grave Secrets to the Undead" and figured that while it is 4E it gives me some ideas of lore and I can always change the stats of the encounters and monsters to work in my campaign.

So, my question is, do you all have any suggestions on books, either 5E or older that I can use for lore, items, and ideas in my own campaign?

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Try to get your hands on these AD&D 2nd edition books e.g. on amazon:

Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb Guide

Creative Campaigning

They are quite setting and edition independent and imho the best resource for homebrew worlds.


Thanks for the suggestions guys. Going to see if I can add those to my Amazon wishlist and buy them as I get the chance.

Halloween Horror For 5E