D&D 5E Homebrewed Ranger Version 2.0 (Build on a Warlock Frame)


Obligatory Homebrewery link (stripped of images)

Version 2 of my ranger redesign (because rangers are hot! right now and I've been meaning to showcase my v2 for a while)

  • Built on a warlock frame of 1/2 level, not unlike the PHB ranger is based on a sorcerer frame of 1/2 level in terms of spells known and spell slots progressions.
  • Land Magic available at level 2. Works like Pact Magic (half progression).
  • Wildercraft = Invocations. Allow a few abilities and "free" magic outside the core class features. Designed with the idea that spells can be used as mundane abilities.
  • No patron or pact boon analogue. Conclave subclasses features occur at usual levels for easy plug-and-play.
  • Incorporates many UA core and variants class features.
  • Includes a Beast Master redesign similar to Artificer's defender companion (and presumably of Tasha's Everything book's beast companion)

Design Goals:
  • Address some of what I've observed as deficiencies or shortcomings in the PHB ranger.
  • Respect the principle behind each PHB ranger abilities and features.
  • Give the class more versatility around the theme of a lightly-armoured combatant with wilderness and outdoorsman expertise (through wildercraft).
  • Give the class a distinct mechanical niche and move away from its paladin sister-class.
  • Allow the choice of a specific land or air animal to weigh into the animal companion's ability.

Notes: To detach this class variant from my other homebrew sub-systems, The Seasoned Explorer benefits during overland travel are reverted back to those of the PHB instead of affecting travel hazards (à la Adventures in Middle Earth) in various ways, which would otherwise make little sense.

Enjoy (hopefully)


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Only 2 spell slots for a Warlock-esque Ranger doesn't feel very satisfying, especially if the spell slot progression is slowed and they are still Spells Known.

I suggest straight copying the Warlock's spell slot amount progression.

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