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Hometown Proposal - Oakhaven


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Population 65
Ruler: Lord Rystar
Languages: Low and Middle Landellian

A growing community under the rule of Lord Rystar. The village is located a half-day's travel on a northward offshoot of the Silver Road, in the western parts of the Barony of the Lost Hills. The economy is driven by the reopened sawmill on the north end of town, powered by a nearby deep and fast flowing stream. The bulk of the lumber supplies is set aside for the Perchard Trading House, with the excess sold for local crafters and the lesser traders.
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First Post
I don't think stuff at this level needs a proposal. There would be little towns like this dotted all over the place.

Despite that, I do have a question:
What's the relationship between Lord Rystar and Baron Errim Maskon of the Lost Hills?

Note: you don't have to actually answer this question but it's answer might help explain the Fiedlerson family difficulties.

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