House of Dragons vs. Rings of Power (and a touch of Wheel of Time)

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I don't think it can be cancelled, not without some massive financial penalty, as the the deal to get the rights included a guaranteed 5 seasons.
I know very little about such things, so take my speculations with a grain of salt, but I'm guessing that the "massive financial penalty" would just be sunk costs, like when a sports team releases a player who sucks but still has a year or more on his contract. And of course there's Batgirl - the studio spent $90M on it. Meaning, massive businesses do that all the time. When something fails to perform, sometimes it is better to just accept your losses and move on, rather than spend even more in trying to resuscitate it.

This is not to say that Rings of Power will get to that point. But it is unclear just how popular it is, and whether or not it will be able to sustain or grow that popularity. At the least we can say that it is not--yet--the smashing success that Amazon hoped it would be.

HoD is fine, if a bit boring. I'm kinda tired of the whole incest thing. No one really stands out like The Hound did in GoT.

WoT is fine. I personally found the earliest books a bit boring, so my expectations weren't really high going in. The acting was fine, but I don't feel like they have had a seminole episode yet, or a big hook to sell the show.

RoP is fine. I'm enjoying it more than the other two. I'm interested in seeing where it goes.


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RoP has been getting better and better for me, while HotD I may give one more episode before I give up on it. What RoP does well, IMO, is to give me a character with a clear motivation, and then put an obstacle in their way to see how they react. Yes there is a larger overarching storyline (that I am only barely familiar with due to the LotR movies) but that doesn't get in the way of enjoying the smaller conflicts that arise every scene or episode. It's basic set-up and pay-off storytelling that is keeping me interested from moment to moment. I can easily think of a dozen unique smaller scenes in the first four episodes that had small conflicts built and resolved. In rooting for the characters to overcome their momentary hardship, it becomes easier to care about the bigger goals.

HotD on the other hand has lots of things happening with the big plot, but it feels almost like I'm watching a historical re-enactment. Things happen, but I don't understand why characters came to the decisions they did or feel any emotional impact from it, it's just what happened. And that is the biggest thing that HotD is missing compared to the early seasons of GoT. And I didn't have a big issue with those things dropping out in later seasons because I was already so invested in the individual characters that the shorthand they were playing with still worked for me. In HotD, none of that groundwork has been put on screen.


I've been on a wait and see with HotD, tbh, I felt so burnt out from GoT that I had little interest in even trying the show. WoT I was warned off of from friends.

RoP, otoh, I'm starting to get into. I still find it a little underwhelming, but it's pretty to look at and I'm not a deep Tolkien lore head so I'm just along for the ride. But I'm getting more invested now.


I was fine with WoT until I hears about the budget. I was like “ok a fun generic little fantasy show, cool”.

But for the cost of that show…I mean where does the money go? The effects look cheap, the costumes cheap. Almost all of the actors are no names, they can’t cost that much. For a low budget show, I was like this is great. But for the millions of dollars spent…no it looks cheap and bland

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