D&D General How do you schedule your D&D sessions?

How do you schedule your D&D sessions?

  • A set schedule (every Saturday, every other Sunday, third Friday of each month, etc)

    Votes: 60 72.3%
  • Week by Week/Month by Month, or however often you try to play

    Votes: 6 7.2%
  • At the end of each session we schedule the next one

    Votes: 11 13.3%
  • Schedule? We just play whenever we can get enough people together.

    Votes: 4 4.8%
  • Something else?

    Votes: 2 2.4%


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I was just sending out the reminder email for this coming Saturday's planned session (which, now that the weather's nice, will be accompanied by a post-game grill down, where significant others and children are also invited) and it got me thinking about game session scheduling.

My group tries to play every 3 to 5 weeks (occasionally squeezing in a session after two weeks), scheduling the next session at the end of current session. Unfortunately, between travel and events, the month of May and the first two weeks of June were a wash for us and we haven't played since mid-April.

My other (remote) group follows a similar schedule, except the sessions are only 3 hours long instead of five hours long.

So I ask you all, how do you schedule your D&D sessions (not how often, but how do you decide when - though you can include more details in your responses)? If you have more than one group that has different methods, choose the one you use the most and/or prefer and give us some deets in your post.

To be clear, among the choices I included "Week by Week/Month by Month or however often you try to play," by which I mean that as the time period arrives you make the plan then. So for example, if you play every week and Monday comes around you figure out which night that week you'll play or, if you play every Month, July approaches (or has arrived) and you reach out to the group to make a date.

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Guest 7034872

Before (and after) we ever manage to be anything else, humans are creatures of habit, so my group has a set time each week when we game, but whenever life intervenes we'll discuss rescheduling vs. cancelling until next week.


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I always aim for set scheduling. I take gaming serious enough where I plan time to do it. I know for some folks that time is variable due to family, work, etc... and others just game with friends when they can for something to do together.


In theory every other week. In practice, someone forgets, creates a conflict, then we have to move the session to the next available Saturday in the schedule. Sometimes repeating until we finally have a session.


Not your screen monkey (he/him)
The group I play with generally prefers a set schedule. It sometimes has to be bumped for other events or someone may have to miss a session, but the closer we can get it to a regular event, the easier it is to plan for it and around it.


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Barring unforeseen events, we typically play every other Friday night. I have a Facebook group just for the gaming group and use that to set up Event Reminders at least a month in advance. The only time the schedule temporarily shifts is if the game falls on a holiday, but usually, we'll just skip that session, even though it then means a month between games. I usually won't cancel a game for one absence, but I will for two (there's only 5 of us right now).


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Depends. Multiple games. The game I play in was set schedule until Covid. The game I run is West Marches so whenever there’s enough to play.

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