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How Many GMs Run Multiple Games?

How many regularly meeting games are you running?

  • Running no games regularly

    Votes: 7 8.4%
  • Running 1 game

    Votes: 32 38.6%
  • Running 2 games

    Votes: 30 36.1%
  • Running 3 games

    Votes: 9 10.8%
  • Running 4 games

    Votes: 3 3.6%
  • Running 5 or more games

    Votes: 2 2.4%

  • Total voters


Victoria Rules
Sessions per week: one. Has been two (different parties within the same campaign) for long stretches in the past but has been one for maybe 5 years now.

Active parties within the campaign: pre-covid usually varied between two and four*; one would get played for an adventure or two then it'd go on hold and another would get run for a while, etc. Then parties would meet, characters and info would get swapped, etc.

* - or, sometimes, more like one great big amorphous group of characters sharing a common home-base area; subsets of which (a.k.a. adventuring parties) would go into the field and do some adventuring, then return to home base and be re-absorbed into the mass... :)

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I only ever run one game at a time, mostly because I only play with one group. Even so, I'd want to focus on a single story, plus I wouldn't want to do that much work. However, my group has several DMs, and most of them run games with different groups. Occasionally they'll be running a game for our group and another at the same time.

Scott Christian

Boo... Covid. And a recent move has left me running zero games.

I can say this, it is very nice as a consistent GM for twenty years to sit back and let others GM. It's a great learning tool, and even though it is difficult to let go of the reins sometimes, it is a completely enjoyable experience.

But when I do run, it is only one game, generally weekly. Players range from 4-10. I actually prefer the smaller groups, but up to eight can still be a lot of fun. Nine and ten get too cumbersome.

Also, I stick to one system for at least six months.


For the past decade or so I've been playing with the same group of friends. These days we play about every three weeks, sometimes once a fortnight. But we have multiple active campaigns - when we get together (in reality or, more recently, virtually) we play whichever one we feel like. (As the group's GM I have the biggest say in that, but not the only say.)

Our currently active games - as in, all played this year - are:

  • Classic Traveller;
  • Prince Valiant;
  • Cortex+ Heroic Fantasy being used for MERP/LotR.

Other games still active in principle but not played for a while now:

  • MHRP;
  • Another Cortex+ Fantasy game, with a VIkings theme;
  • 4e core;
  • 4e Dark Sun.

One of the group and I also do one-on-one Burning Wheel from time to time, alternating as GMs.

If my time was unconstrainted I'd be happy to do more frequent play, but that's not a realistic prospect.


David Jose
In college I frequently found myself running at least one, if not two games a night. I ran week long games of Assassin, organized tournaments for MtG and other games, and was the primary string puller in the University gaming club, which involved organizing games, and space for 12 hours of open gaming every Saturday.

I'm currently running a west marches style campaign, and my allotment of free time SHOULD allow me to run two or three groups. Unfortunately we have the players, but their work schedules are not as flexible as mine, and we only manage to play about once every two weeks.


Currently running three 5E games. That's the most D&D I've ever run. All are online; I live in Southern California and we've been a hotzone since COVID hit the U.S. this spring. The first game listed below runs almost every Friday. The other two games are on alternating Tuesdays.

  • 5 players. 17th level. 100+ sessions. Basically a heavily homebrewed mashup of Storm King's Thunder and Tyranny of Dragons/Scales of War. We're about six months away from the end of this campaign but have been playing for over 3 years. Sessions are 3-5 hours long.
  • 5 players. 5th level. 15+ sessions. A modified version of Dragon of Icespire Peak that integrates character backstories into the main questline. We're about six sessions away from the end of this campaign. Sessions are about 2 hours long.
  • 3 players. 4th level. 10+ sessions. A heavily modified version of Dragon Heist that borrows from The Alexandrian Remix and features the Deck of Many Things. This campaign will likely be 40 or 50 sessions. Sessions are about 2 hours long.
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Registered Ninja
I was running on game regular game for a while. When Covid hit I started running a second group that I used to game with, but some of whom moved away.

For my sanity it's the same basic campaign, but it's a lot of fun to see how the different players approach it.

Been running two games with two entirely separate groups for a couple years now, a home group and a game at the locale gaming cafe, though both are perforce online now. I had not intended to run a second group, but I was playing at the gaming cafe and the DM had said that the table had grown too large for him to manage, so when no one else volunteered, I stepped up to run a second table and have done so ever since.

Prior, I had only ever had a single gaming group, though sometimes that same group would have different games running at once.


World Traveller
I have for the last three years, run at least one game, but usually 2, with the same two groups.

Only in the last few weeks has that changed, where I am running none. (Playing in 1.) This is burn out from online platforms like Roll20, which I enjoy less than physical games for a variety of reasons.

So I answered 2 since it is more typical for me. After a few weeks of no-games I'm probably going to jump back into it anyway.

Right now we're on COVID hiatus, but I normally run a 3.5 campaign that used to meet about monthly or thereabouts for a 6-hour session on a Saturday. Then my grown son started up a Wednesday night 3.5 campaign, which met weekly for about 2 hours, which gave me the opportunity to be a player for once (which was a nice change of pace, as I've been solely a DM for decades). But although I'm on my third 3.5 campaign with the same group of players, I generally only run one game at a time.



I’m just running one game every two weeks, but players have multiple PCs so we can run different groups depending on availability. I would love to get back to running weekly, but we’d have to wrap up our other game and have no one else step forward to run something.

I’d also love to actually get to play D&D or Pathfinder. I’ve run PF1 and now PF2 both quite a bit (starting in 2010 with PF1) and have never got to play either of them outside of con games. 😮

Scott Christian

I’m just running one game every two weeks, but players have multiple PCs so we can run different groups depending on availability. I would love to get back to running weekly, but we’d have to wrap up our other game and have no one else step forward to run something.

I’d also love to actually get to play D&D or Pathfinder. I’ve run PF1 and now PF2 both quite a bit (starting in 2010 with PF1) and have never got to play either of them outside of con games. 😮
I feel your pain.
On a funny note, I saw this yesterday: The curse of the GM... never gets to play as a player, yet when they do, they can only dream of how they would run the adventure. ;)
Took me years to figure out how to let go GM reins and have fun as a player.


Rotten DM
I running about 2. Icewind Dale on Saturday. Tuesday is Season 3. The Tuesday group does not always meet. Before Lock in I was running 2. Friday's the seaons book. Sunday the Season modules.


40th lv DM
Currently I'm only running 1 game on Thur evenings (and playing in none:()

Previously, before 2020 hit, I had 2-3 games.
I'd be running one & playing in a 2nd. Sometimes running/playing in a 3rd at the local shop.
●The 3rd game collapsed when everything shut down thanks to the pandemic. And with the shops new hours etc it won't be resuming.
●And then at the end of last month my long time Sunday game imploded due to real life politics. Two of the players are no longer friends & wont be gaming together, & player #3 has dropped out of gaming altogether for now (he was burning out anyways, as we all do at times).
So that leaves either me & A, OR me & B. Either way, not enough for a decent game....

Thomas Shey

I'm running one at the moment, but I've run two on alternating weeks more often than not in the past (when I was younger and gamed both weekend days, I'd even run three on occasion).

I will play in multiple campaigns at once, but I refuse to DM more than one at a time. I don't have the time to devote to prepare DMing more than one campaign unless I wanted to ditch all the custom brewing I do, and the custom brewing is what I like best about DMing. I do occasionally take breaks for one-shots, but I don't really consider those to be the same thing.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
I'm regularly running two games, with no overlap in players.

In addition, in one game I play the DM (who is a player in one of my games) has suggested several times I run a side campaign in his world - well, really the world was a shared world in the 3.5 era with other DMs that he went from player to DM, but we're the only currently active group. I am not sure about starting a campaign there, but am considering doing a series of 2-3 session adventures when he needs a break.

I may be running in a rotating DM game with just three of us to give the two others some experience DMing.

I've got a long outstanding campaign that had it's session 0 but was on long hiatus. Since then it's had every character change, and the world/plot arcs needs a bit of overhaul to fit the new bunch. Not sure if or when this will get off the ground.


Currently running four sessions a week. One Numenera, three D&D. The three D&D are related: the PCs of each group are all part of the same larger group in the same setting, and any changes to the world affect all three groups.