D&D General How many hours of D&D would you say you have played in your entire life?


Very much an estimate - table time below. So I’d say about 7,500 hours. This counts some dabbling in pathfinder (as it was pretty similar to 3.5e) and some heavily Homebrewed d&d that was not so heavily homebrewed that I couldn’t just use the monster manuals etc. but doesn’t count other RPGs
1979: High school: First introduced to the game borrowed from a friend, got my own set of basic for Christmas: maybe 10 hours
1980: High school: met new d&d friends at school, introduced to other games including board games, started getting AD&D books when available, played often at lunch & on weekend sleepovers: 120 hours
1981: High School: started My first 15+ year campaign (homebrew), started spending a week away with high school friends a couple of times a year during which we played about 16 hours a day: 500 hours
1981:High school: as above: 500 hours
1982: High School: Final year, less time to play due to study and increased other social activities, still had the week away: 300 hours
1983-1987: University: more free time than school but time spent on other social activities. Played a lot of other rpgs like Bushido, Traveller, CoC, Runequest, V&V so D&D took a hit, but we still were playing the high school campaign regularly and other D&D games and having our week away maybe once a year- so probably down to an average of about 200 hours a year: 1000 hours
1988-1994 started work, D&D took a hit, reduced to just my ongoing campaign a few times a year and maybe a couple of other games, ran a multi year Runequest campaign around this time that also took time away from D&D, also regular players had reduced availability- so maybe average just 80 hours a year: 480 hours
1995 - 1999: married, kids, house, mortgage. My high school campaign petered out as most of the group moved away. I started what was to become my second 15+ year campaign (Greyhawk) with my soon to be wife and some ex University friends but it was less regular. In the late 90’s I also caught up with 2 high school friends for a fortnightly game for a while. Probably averaging 100 hours a year. 500 hours
2000-2005: when 3e came out I got together a group to try it out, started a 6 year campaign (Night Below converted). I was running both it and the Greyhawk campaign fortnightly for maybe 4-6 hour sessions so about 200 hours a year during this period: 1200 hours
2006-2008: played in a 3 year campaign nearly fortnightly while running Greyhawk less frequently, and started to organise roleplaying weekends away. Started out as annual. again probably 200 hours a year: 600 hours
2009-2014: greyhawk game petered out due to personnel reasons, started to switch from 3.5e to pathfinder then back to heavily homebrewed hybrid. Roleplaying weekends became tri annual but little else regularly. About 150 hours a year counting pathfinder as D&D: 900 hours
2015-2017 : switched to 5e, started weekly then fortnightly then weekly rpg, these sessions last 3-5 hours but have been D&D about 70% of the time. Ran a savage worlds game for a bit, and played in one so part of the frequent gaming wasn’t D&D but the weekends became 3/year and were D&D (started a new campaign in 2015 - currently 8th level). So about 150 hours a year: 450 hours
2018- present as above but add in some roll20 online gaming session to bring it up to about 200 hours a year: 800 hours

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Holy crap! I've played, on average, 4 hours every week since 2000, for a total of 4,264. Before that, I spent a LOT more time, probably averaging about 20 hours a week, going back to 1991 gives a total of 19,760. This gives a grand average of just over 24,000 hours. Needless to say, I'm an addict :geek:


I have been playing D&D since 1975. Let's say twice a month for a six hour minimum time slot each. That's 12 hours a month, 144 hours a year, for 46 years is 6,624. That does not include pick-up games, convention games, D&D encounters/Living Forgotten Realms, etc. More fun to consider that I have probably spent at least $30,000 on D&D stuff over those 46 years. That works out to about $4.53 an hour. Great return on my money, not to mention the great people I've met and the great adventures I've had.


I play what I think is a lot, and my best estimation is that I've played around 3,810 hours since 1990. (Those of you with 20,000+ hours - I don't even see how that's possible, but good on you.)


Oof, difficult for me. I started when I was 10 (4th grade) in 1979/1980, but by 6th I was doing about 1 1/2 hours a day (1 hour lunch + 30 minute "play"/recess time) during school, up until 11th grade. After that it was 6-8 hours a weekend, though that was split with Battletech and other RPGs until I finished college.

From there on about 4 hours a weekend every other weekend or so, with a gap in '95-'97 (a move to Georgia, away from friends), and '01-'05 (babies).

Sooo, roughly ... 10K hours or more?


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Impossible to tell really after 41 years.

The early 80s we played very often as in several nights a week and weekends for 5 to 8 hours.

I'm much the same. It'll be "at least thousands of hours", is the best I can do.

If we include non-D&D rpgs, tens of thousands of hours, easily.


I also came out to about 11,500 hours over 39 years. In college and the decade after, I played at least 12 hours per week. Unlike a lot of people, I had no significant breaks between high school, college, grad school, or work/family. It's now down to an average of about six to eight hours per week -- one or two sessions, depending on alternating campaigns.


Over the last 46 years I have logged 8,763 hours of D&D and counting.

Just kidding - I have no idea of how many hours. Let's leave it at a lot!


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Okay. Let's do this.

Middle School, I probably played every couple of weeks whenever I could find someone to play with. And our games were usually played in the library during recess. So that's probably about 3 hours every 2 weeks, for 2 school terms. Call it 30 hours.

In High School, I played all the time with my buddies after school. I'd say every other weekend, for about 4 hours, for the first two years of high school...eh, call it 200 hours. My junior and senior years, I was far too busy with after-school work and college prep, so I didn't play.

Didn't play very much D&D in college, either...I was just way too busy.

After college, I started a 3.X gaming group and we played every other weekend for 6 hours per game, for about 4 years (~620 hours). Then I moved to Portland and started a 3.5E group, which would later transition to 5E. We played every other week for about 6 years, and our gaming sessions were about 6 hours long (~930 hours). And then the pandemic happened, and we've been playing over VTT every Friday night religiously for about 5 hours per night over the last 16 months and counting (~500 hours). And for a while there, I was also playing in my wife's D&D campaign, which ran for about 15 gaming sessions at about 4 hours per game (60 hours).

Sum it all up, and 30 + 200 + 620 + 930 + 500 + 60 = 2,160 hours.



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Right, so I'm sure my numbers won't be up there, because I only started playing relatively late in life. I had a familiarity with the 3e and 3.5e rules due to CRPG's, namely Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2, but only started playing after my brother returned from varsity, and bought himself a 5e Starter Set back in 2017. He started playing in his final year, so he wanted to continue when he got back. I rustled up some fellow interested players from our Marvel & Movie Watching Group, and we all sat down for our first DnD game in December 2017.

We generally play twice a month on Saturdays or Sundays, for at the start around 8 hours a session, usually either 14h00 to 10h00, or 11h00 to 19h00. Our longest session was the penultimate fight of the first campaign, which was 14 hours, from 14h00 on Saturday to about 04h00 on Sunday.

Based on my calculations, that first campaign ran for about a year and a half, and I clocked up about 302 hours in playtime as a player.

I then volunteered to DM a short interim campaign to give my brother a bit of playtime, and give him time to set up his new campaign. My quick 6 to 8 session campaign morphed into a much bigger one, as his prep didn't finish on time, and everyone was having fun. So about 10 months later, I had DM'ed about 128 hours, then the pandemic hit.

I moved everyone over to Roll20 and be continued a month later. Online put a bit more of a strain on people, so session time was reduced to 6 hours, either from 11h00 to 17h00, or 14h00 to 20h00. The shorter time was also a hit with the wives, who definitely was not amused by our 14 hour session the year before. By the time the campaign ended, I'd DM'd another 144 hours online. Roll20 indicates 191 hours, which indicates I spent about 47 hours prepping there for games, or about 2 hours per session. I don't think that counts as playing, no?

My brother's new campaign started in-person, and we've had about 18 hours of playtime since then, but we're now moving back online - with the other DM having to figure out Roll20, as a third wave has hit the country just as the vaccination programme picked up steam.

So I'm sitting at:
320 hours In-person Playtime
128 hours In-person DM
144 hours Online DM
592 hours approximate total time in the last 3.5 years about.

It's about 170 hours a year, which seems in line with most of the reports here. Or roundabout 21 days of sessions a year, or a solid week of non-stop playing comparatively.

Just as a wild-arsed (and VERY low-ball) guess = 10,000 hours.
I've been playing for 45 years. During the original 1E era I was playing weekly for 10+ hours every session for the better part of a decade. It fell off a lot after that and there were years I didn't play at all, but time counts and keeps counting...


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Well, I started playing D&D Christmas 1980.....
*We played a helluva lot of D&D, then other other stuff, 1980-'85 - but no set days/times/session lengths. And then there'd be chunks of time we didn't play at all. So I can't really estimate this period. But it was still ALOT.

And last year had to be the lowest # hours I've ever spent playing RPGs - only 560hrs give or take. :(

*'85+ becomes easier to estimate as actual groups/times had to form due to school/activities schedules, jobs, college, careers, shop hours, etc.
So counting from '85 forward?
My rough estimate (I'm sure I've missed something), including GenCons is....... at least 13,166 hours of actual table time, whatever the system, regardless if I were DM or player. Wich in the grand scheme of things is less than two years worth of time. :)

*This total does not reflect any time spent playing Boardgames or Miniature wargames.

I think Grandma would be AMAZED at how many hours of fun that one single Christmas gift has generated.
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I play what I think is a lot, and my best estimation is that I've played around 3,810 hours since 1990. (Those of you with 20,000+ hours - I don't even see how that's possible, but good on you.)
That's only a bit over 2 years total time. :)


With my last campaign running unusually long and I guess having played some 70 hours in total, I would estimate my total time of games played in 20 years at around 200 hours or so.


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Double if you include prep but I have 297 sessions of 5E as DM so 1040 DM hours. About 100 hours gaming. Oh heck calling > 3000 HR < 10,000 hrs. Now you want to include Gaming fiction?

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