D&D General How many pages of info do you have for your homebrew setting? (+)

How many pages of info do you have for your homebrew setting?

  • None. It keep it all in my head.

  • 1 side of one page

  • 2 to 5 pages

  • 6 to 10 pages

  • 10 to 25 pages

  • 26 to 50 pages

  • 51 to 100 pages

  • I've never counted, but definitely more than 100 so I am not gonna bother to count.

  • Countless volumes

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Depends on which one.

Six Kingdoms. 1 page. it's all in my head except the city names and rulers.

Galaxia. 1 page. Same

The Route. 1 page Same.

Imperia. 1 page Same.

Greataxe. 1 page Same.

Spell Apple. 1 map of New York City with scribbles on it.

Warlords. 86 pages. It's my copy of the Warlord's Battlecry 3 video game manual minus the hotkeys, system specs, and install instructions

Klassico: 6 It's just Basic D&D+
  • 2 Pages of extra Races
  • 2 Pages of the names for the places where the extra races are from and renames of old races
  • 1 pages of god renames
  • 1 pages of new relations of new gods.
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I started a wiki in 2006 for my Ptolus campaign. It is ... not small now. But that also means we can do things like having a character we haven't interacted with in 10 years wander back in and they still feel like the same character, which is nice. And other bits of worldbuilding stack up over time, with even minor things all available, creating something pretty massive in a mostly accessible way.

I started a wiki for Aquerra around 2006. It was huge. Unfortunately, the wiki provider I chose decided to close down and while I have all the wiki files and can view them locally I have no way to host them and would need to recode them to make them work with another wiki.

That said, I do have two wiki on two iterations of the same campaign I am running.

"Ghosts of Saltmarsh+" (now focused on a campaign with new characters set in the same instance of the world called "Primordial Evil") started as a tool for my version of GoS, which included other adventures and modules and moved Saltmarsh to a homebrew setting (all of my homebrews have had a Saltmarsh, actually).

"Revenants of Saltmarsh" is the same approach with different players in a remote game running about a year behind and recently totally divergent from "GoS+"

I find it incredibly useful as a DM for maintaining consistency and a record of play. The degree to which my players use it or contribute to it varies widely, but I don't require anyone to contribute but will refer to it when the answer to between session questions can be found there.


I'm currently running the Stormwreck Isle box set. I modified it so there is a small hamlet with several NPCs instead of what is in the box. I have 5-6 pages with some buildings, people, and secrets. There may be half a page of campaign in with each adventure or tied with hooks and secrets the players find. Most of it exists to be found by the players so I'm not sure how much is campaign and how much is part of the module/adventure. Or if there is much of a difference.


You need an "Other" option because I only expect people to actually read/know a couple of pages. Maybe. It's online so I'm not really sure.

But other documentation? I don't really know. There's a ton of info on gods and pantheons I reference once in a while. There's regional info, a bit of information about different realms and it's denizens along with campaign specific NPCs. But then there's campaign logs from previous campaigns that I reference once in a while because all my campaigns take place in the same world.

All of this is online, so I don't really have a page count.


The main player handout is 43 pages. I've got all sorts of scraps and notes floating about on top of that, but it's not what I would call coherent. And I could probably dig up more about specific areas that I've run campaigns in.

I have though about my current setting Artra a lot, but I actually have relatively little documentation on it. It is hard to say exact amount of pages, and depends on what you count. Do you count notes made during sessions? Campaign logs? I also have a ton of sketches of various creatures of the setting, and turns out I have a nine page document that just lists names from various regions. But actual notes about places, deities, organisations, etc are more like blurbs. They just give the general idea and few basic facts. More exists in my head, but I haven't bothered writing it down. I don't expect the players to read or memorise big documents, and content that only existed in my head gets introduced during the play.

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