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D&D General How much dice do you own?

How many individual dice do you own?

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I was in the FLGS a couple days ago and found myself not leaving without purchasing (yet another unnecessary) set of polyhedral dice. I made a comment to the clerk, that "I don't really need another set, but..." Her response was something like, "Tell me about it. But one can never have enough dice. We all have that problem here."

So what about you? How much dice do you own? The poll is for individual dice; I was going to do sets, but I realize that some might have extras of specific types. Obviously just estimate.

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As for me, I've got about 50-100 with me, and that much again in storage. So I guess that makes me a Dice Collector, or Quasi-Addict.

Id say I own somewhere around 100 give or take. I have given away many smaller sets over the years to players who didn't have any. I never buy the standard sets that come in the cubes but special order mine from Chessex. As a DM I generally need multiples of each, except the d12. Come to think of it, when 6E rolls around just get rid of the d12, I think Ive rolled it maybe a handful of times in all my years of gaming. Without looking Id say I have 5 or 6 of these personalized sets with a few random ones thrown in. I will choose a set I use when we start a new campaign and stick with that set. My philosophy is if your rolling on a bad streak for a few games changing dice only makes it worse. I encourage my players to keep their dice pool they bring to the table to a minimum just to avoid them wasting time searching through a mountain dice.


I've been playing since the 70s. Dice accumulate. I have over a thousand. I have over a hundred that came with various different boxed sets. I bought a large bag of cheap dice to hand out to players that forgot their dice. I bought many sets of dice that were puuuuurty. I bought novel dice (d24, dice with dice inside them, etc...) I bought someone's D&D collection at a garage sale that included hundreds of dice. It all adds up.


Tricky question. I voted 50-100. Could be more. I'm not compulsive on dice. I am with D&D miniatures. One can never have enough D&D minis. Make a poll with that!

Just RPG dice I would say I own 5-6 polyhedral dice sets. I own a set of FFG narrative dice and X-Wing icon dice. I also own lots of d5s, d6s, d8s, d10s, d12s, d20s and unique icon dice that came with boardgames and wargames.


Guest 6801328

So... by that grammatical construction, you are talking about dice as a substance, "How much dice" is like, "How much sand."

Which is surprisingly apt for many of us. Dice are like unto grains of sand on the shore...

That was my first reaction, too.


Small God of the Dozens
I really have two answers for this question. I think I own about 50 or 60 dice for D&D that have their home in a nice leather bag. I also own probably 10 different bricks of d6's that I use for 40k. If I had an FLGS and could make impulse die purchases I think the D&D dice count would be higher.


Small God of the Dozens
My prize dice possession is the three dice in my bag that came with the Moldvay basic box I started playing D&D with in the 80's. No crayon.


I only own about 3 sets of D&D dice. The vast majority of my dice are d10s from when I played a lot of World of Darkness and Exalted. I also have a set of 10 red d6s with white pips and a matching set that is white with black pips for Fiasco.

50-100, probably towards the lower end of that. But I've started getting into fancy dice (metal, wood, gemstones), but not at the crazy-expensive level (e.g., the recent Sapphire Set). Only the mildly crazy level. My favorite is probably this amethyst set from Elderwood Academy:


Less than two dozen. I buy new shiny sets and purge the loser ones. I just got a new 35mm red D20 my players haven't seen yet that I intend to bring out for boss fights.

I've also been looking at some sets on Etsy that have sea shells and tiny skulls inside.


Title? I don't need no stinkin' title.
How many dice do I own?


I'm just letting y'all borrow them for now.
You can have my 70s dice when you pry them from my ... well when you actually make an offer at a flea market some day when I finally get around to getting rid of some clutter.

Until then, hands off! :mad:

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