How organize Dungeon Tiles?


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Hi, I've got a problem. I have a DT form 2 to 7. That makes 6 diffrent DT. How to organize them? Putting all together seems like it will be too difficult to find desired piece. For now on I've just split the DT4: Ruins of Wild and DT6: Dire Tombs and the rest is all together in one box. Have you got better ways to manage DT?
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I organize my tiles by shape AND type. DT4, DT6 and the DU2: Streets of Shadow are separate in one stack with the other sets in another stack for each size. I put a rubber band around the size/set stacks for each one except the very small and very big sizes. By keeping the DT4, DT6, and DU2 separate, I can use them for other games like SWSE that use minis and take place outdoors. I of course use the SWSE tiles for indoor encounters.


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A gallon zip-lock bag houses all three sets of tiles for me. I have mini zip-lock bags to keep the 2x2 and smaller pieces, and just throw those inside the bigger bag. The bags don't tear too easily, they are transparent on both sides so I can see which pieces I want fast, and they are easy to store alongside books, tact-tiles, and other items on a shelf or in a book bag, etc.


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I use the ziplock's solution too. I have the tiles organized by size, but when i get more tiles i will probably need to break them by type too.


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I have them in plastic fishing lure boxes Wallymart carried some years ago, never found anything quite as perfect. I have them sorted by enviorment, shape with the more interesting side up.



I've been keeping mine in the original packaging, fitted back into the cardboard frames. This is because I got them mostly for LFR modules, which tell you on each map which sets were used.
I figure once the frames fail (which they probably will eventually), I'll just start keeping each set in labelled envelopes.


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