How to deal with a "true roleplayer".

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James Gasik

We don't talk about Pun-Pun
I disagree. Just because the game's publisher declares "that's where the game is now" doesn't force or compel me or anyone else to follow it; and I\m often baffled at how so many people who purport to really like the game the way it is at time X still insist on abandoning it for something that may or may not be as good just because that's what the publisher wants them to do.

If you're playing a version of the game that suits you and works for you, be it 0e or 1e or 3e or 4e or whatever, it's both easier and cheaper to just stay with it forever.

OK, so what will these same people do when 6e drops? Will they decide to abandon their collective investment in 5e for that, even though they wouldn't for 2e? If no, and they stick with 5e, I can respect that. But if yes...well... <holding tongue> ...
It's not because of the game's publisher that I can't find people willing to play AD&D, Earthdawn, Old WoD, 3e, 4e, Fantasy Age, or any of the other games I'd rather be playing than 5e. Heck, even my Pathfinder 1e group has dissolved. It's because the majority of the available player base has chosen the current "cool, shiny thing" as their game of choice. So I could spend my time reminiscing about the "good old days" or...I could play 5e.

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