Spelljammer How to DESTROY Spelljammers


How's everybody enjoying your copy of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space? Hopefully it's been a great time! I can't wait to get my copy tomorrow. But, there is a disturbance in the -copyrighted Mystical force/schwarz thingie- to the point where there have been some lament. On what exactly? Apparently, the rules for Spelljamming/shipping and all that is either a bit sparse or almost nonexistent at all.
Never fear though! Somebody out there has heard your cries! Feast upon the method, nay the procedure for the most important part of Spelljamming/Space Pirating adventure. (No, not the booty. EnWorld frowns upon that kind of thinking you perv.) I'm talking about ABSOLUTELY DESTROYING the opposing ship!!! And here it is in all is glory!


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