WotC How to I find my claimed content on dndbeyond?

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Good question. I was wrong in my earlier post. You can purchase content from the app. So maybe there is something about the website that makes adding the filter more difficult. I just can't imagine what it is.
True. Also: "Difficult" and "Impossible" are two different things, and you'd think that something like this would be considered part of basic functionality. So why hasn't it been done? The usual answer that I can come up with is "No one who has the authority to do it, actually cares about it".

That seems like it's the most common reason for all inexplicable things.


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Maybe you're reading more into the tone than was intended?

Well, that's the problem with hyperbole - what happens when people take you seriously?

Anyone seen the movie, Good Morning, Vietnam? At one point, Private Garlic (played wonderfully by Forrest Whitaker), reads a feedback letter from a soldier in the field:

"'Captain Hauk sucks the sweat off of a dead man's *****.' I have no idea what that means, sir, but it seems very negative to me."

There is a point of presentation of negative tone that you should not be surprised if folks feel you are really, really, negative.

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