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Pathfinder 1E How to Survive Dominate


Your trusted ally has turned to the dark side, and is now trying to kick your ass. They’ve got all the powers of a fully equipped PC, they’re already in the party’s backfield, and you’ve got to snap ’em out of it.

In this situation, what is the best anti-dominate strat? And if you happen to be a big dumb barbarian, to what extent is it your responsibility to crank that Will save through the roof as a standard part fo your build?

(Comic for illustrative purposes.)
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If they're vulnerable to Dominate, they're vulnerable to Hold Person, which is also a lot less resource-intensive to cast. Basically any save-or-suck or save-or-not-be-part-of-that-fight effect with a Will save.

A barbarian may be fairly resistant as opposed to a fighter or rogue. Remember they get the bonus to will while raging and eventually get indomitable will as a class feature and possibly clear mind as a rage power.

Protection from Evil will suppress Dominate while its active. That may give you enough time to finish your fight or at least think of a solution.

Also, if the order is against the dominated individual's nature don't they get a new save?

Otherwise, @jeffh has a good suggestion. Cast a Save or Lose spell and deal with the dominate later.


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Not being a person. Tiefling/Aasimar/Ifrit/etc.
Mind Buttressing armor enchant is relatively cheap at +2.
Clear Spindle ioun stone in a wayfinder. Immediate Action Protection from Evil, though it burns out the 4k gp stone.
Suppress Charms and Compulsions, though its concentration. But trading your actions to prevent the Barbarian from mulching the party is probably a decent choice. It used to not require concentration (basically same as remove fear), but got nerfed. Especially useful if the Barbarian can break themselves out and just need an action to do so (Spell Sunder).
Nostalgia Oil is cheap enough to throw in your pre-dungeon cocktails at higher levels. Meditation Tea too, but the effect doesn't last long. Does give a reroll though.
Dominate the Barbarian myself and win the opposed Charisma check. In fact, it's for your own protection that you willingly fail this Dominate Person my meat shie... valiant defender?

I tend to be more worried about Confusion though, protection from evil doesn't help as it's not exercising control or possesion.

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