D&D 5E How will the recent OGL developments affect your D&D spending?

How will the recent OGL developments affect your D&D spending?

  • No change.

    Votes: 32 27.4%
  • I will buy more official D&D products.

    Votes: 2 1.7%
  • I will buy fewer official D&D products.

    Votes: 71 60.7%
  • I will buy more 3PP products.

    Votes: 60 51.3%
  • I will buy fewer 3PP products.

    Votes: 3 2.6%


It's difficult to say for sure.

Official? Probably less, but I've always been a pick&choose sort.

3PP? Probably less just because it seems there will BE less to buy.

I've mentioned this elsewhere, but during the pandemic my KS use went WAY up. And a huge amount of that is 5th ed stuff. And of the current projects, I'm getting a LOT of emails that basically say "this is our last OGL project."

I'm DMing four D&D games right now. I'm DMing D&D because I got tired of trying to find players for my non-D&D games. Getting to play is better than not getting to play. D&D isn't my favorite system, but it's servicable, fun, adaptable, nicely modular with all the expansions and 3PP stuff... I enjoy my games. So as long as I'm getting players, I'll continue to run the system they want to play.

But it looks like I'll be running it from stuff I already own.

That said, if I could get buy-in from my groups, I've switch to The Fantasy Trip tomorrow. :) Or maybe Everway.

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I haven't bought anything from them since the three core 5e books in 2014, for the simple reason that they haven't produced anything that looked remotely appealing. I guess if 6e turns out to be amazing, and/or my group adopts it, I might buy the new core books but it's not looking very likely. I haven't bothered following the playtests.


Several third party folks have had major sales or fire sales of their 5th edition books. Been snagging a bunch to put away for later use

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