D&D 5E How will the recent OGL developments affect your D&D spending?

How will the recent OGL developments affect your D&D spending?

  • No change.

    Votes: 32 27.4%
  • I will buy more official D&D products.

    Votes: 2 1.7%
  • I will buy fewer official D&D products.

    Votes: 71 60.7%
  • I will buy more 3PP products.

    Votes: 60 51.3%
  • I will buy fewer 3PP products.

    Votes: 3 2.6%

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Loves Your Favorite Game
I have only bought one official product since the core 3 when I started running games, and even that most recent purchase was second hand. So, likely no change.

I'm pretty sure it means I will buy more. Because everything WotC I buy, I buy on Fantasy Grounds. Driving more business to FG and showing the value of the FG license to WotC will only encourage WotC to keep that license as is. And, then if the license does go away, I already have more stuff on FG that I can continue to use forever.


Golden Procrastinator
My WotC spending will go down to 0. Note that I was going to buy all the books coming out this year. I might spend more on 3PPs, we'll see. I might reconsider if they were to walk back completely and future proof OGL 1.0(x).


I just bought PDFs of Savage Worlds and Level Up, so I've already upped my 3PP spending (I am looking into alternative systems to try out; I already had a copy of Dungeon World that I bought back in the day).

If Wizards drops all attempts to mess with the original OGL, I might resume buying from them, but even so I don't think I'll spend as much as I used to. If they go ahead with "deauthorizing" it, they will get zero more dollars from me in the foreseeable future, though there's always the possibility they could win me back someday.

I already spend 90% of my TTRPG 'slush' funds on 3rd party material. The only thing I buy from wizard is my yearly donations of starter boxes/ PHB/DMG bundles for donation. Im halting that indefinitely and am working with the local Brick and mortars for alternative options.

Since the doubled down on a bold face lie a few hours ago I'm also voluntarily revoking my MTG judge cert and canceling my entire calendar of CON DMing.


I am, at the time I am writing this, the only vote for: "I will buy fewer 3PP products."

As such, I thought I should explain. I primarily purchase 5e 3PP supplements. I believe the recent/upcoming changes will lead to fewer 5e 3PP. Therefore there will be a smaller pool of potential purchases for me and thus most likely fewer purchases. Not because I want, but because of likely market realities.

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