[Humor] How to make Garfield funny

Iron Sky

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So, elsewhere on the forum, my roommate posted a link to Realfield, to which another poster countered with the Garfield Randomizer. I thought they were hilarious, so I thought I'd share some of the ones it came up with for me.



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Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
I think what gets me about the random Garfields is that it's emergent humor. Some computer algorithm is churning some images around and suddenly humor arises. You'll get 10 that don't make any sense at all, but that makes them even more entertaining to me when they do.

Obviously humor is subjective, not objective so maybe you weren't as entertained as I was. Let me have my wrong-bad-fun(ny)!

I can't remember the last time an actual Garfield strip made me even chuckle...


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How to make Garfield funny?

Make him a Rakshasha*, keep the rest. The thought of a powerful, evil cat-being who is so lax that it acts like a common housecat (with an abnormal taste for lasagna) amuses me.

Clearly, he's a societal exile.

* or if you prefer sci-fi to myth and legend, make him Kzinti


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Garfield has never been laugh-out-loud funny. Garfield is usually entertaining in very small doses.

For comics, I usually read Baldo, Dilbert, Luann, and Pearls Before Swine daily.

Diamond Cross


what - really? I mean that's just...oh my :lol:


He's constantly kicking the dog all to hell.

He won't let Jon have any dates.

He eats Jon out of house and home.

The only time he does anything is to get himself out of troublle.

I don't understand why people find this kind of thing funny.

Diamond Cross

Not really. People have cats like that they're doing something wrong. Most cats I've known have been very affectionate towards me and pretty considerate too.

And that's a cartoon cat as well. I just can't imagine a cat going up to a Pitbull and kicking him off the table. Sorry.


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Not literalyl like that :) I meant it's kind of a cat's attitude towards everything in caricature.

Like - Feed me! Cuddle me! Let me outside! For a cat everything is about the cat and anything else is secondary, if it registers at all. Our own needs and desires often aren't worth noticing. "What's that, boy? You are having a heart attack? I said I'm hungry! Now feed me!" LOL

Cats think they are the master. We call our ginger cat "your majesty" because of this LOL.

Odie's no Pit Bull. It's some annoying little yappy thing. The kind of thing my cat chases off if it comes into our house LOL. It doesn't take a swipe at our 40kg furry mutt that doesn't feel pain when it's pissed :)

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