I do want 5E (and 6E, and 7E...)


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Not all at the same time, of course. I'm also willing to wait a while for them. I think there's at least a couple more years of life left in actively supported 4E.

I could, and almost did, give you a long and rambling story about how much I like 4E, and how it brought me and several of my friends into the game, gaming in general, and lead to new friendships, and for a couple of players who hadn't met before they started gaming together, an engagement.

But that's all beside the point I want to make, which is this:

As much as I like 4E, both on its own terms and in comparison to other editions and other RPGs, it's not the perfect game for me.

That game doesn't exist yet.

Until it exists, I don't want them to stop trying.

I should probably note that I don't believe in perfection, so it'll probably take them a while.

Even if they somehow manage to do it, though, I'd want them to keep going. The perfect system for me, after all, is not the perfect system for everyone.

The far distant day when some bunch of genius designers, building on the works of the giants who came before them, create a system that is perfect for everyone? That's when I'll be fine with them getting off the Edition treadmill.

Until then, I look forward to seeing what 5E and 6E (and 7E... 666E and 1kE... ) bring to the table (which by the time of 1kE might not actually be a table).

I'm calling it now: 666E has no devils or demons. Instead? Ponies.

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Crazy Jerome

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In addition, if they make 10 editions, there will be at least 3 or 4 that I don't much care for. To get to the editions I really like, they have to go through some that I don't like as much (though still might have liked well enough to have played and enjoyed some). RC wouldn't be around without what came before.


I'd keep buying editions though I'm not sure I'd play them since I made the switch to Pathfinder.

But I'd at least go for the collectability. Who knows, 7E, may be that cult favorite edition in which the PH and DMG go for $400 a piece. Ya never know! :)


I couldn't agree more. I have played everything from the OD&D on down and I see no reason to stop buyin' and tryin' with 4E. I too will buy 5E and 6E etc.

I'll keep playing and trying the new editions as they come out as well. Gotta keep supporting the hobby we all love.
I'm happy to support the hobby.

I'm a bit more indifferent to the industry, though.

I don't play 4e, and I didn't want it. But I don't hate it. Heck, I was curious about what they'd do, and I still appreciate it from an academic perspective, even if it's not a game I've ever played. And I'm curious about what 5e will do. I have no beef against any new edition, and I'm academically curious, if nothing else.

No guarantees that I'll play them. Much less that I'll buy them, though.


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This is certainly my sentiment. They'll never create a perfect version of D&D, but there is so much more room to create a better version of D&D. 3E was good, 4E was better, but neither are good enough. Honestly, I'm pretty much in the camp that is waiting for a superior 5E (or, if need be, 6E) to really get back into D&D. The flaws of the current and older editions bug me too much...

I really need to get around to working on my own version of D&D more... It certainly won't be perfect, but at least it will work for me.


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I want future editions, too. I mean, not just yet. But in the future. I'll admit to being a bit worried that future D&D editions will move away from the 4e I love now, and back toward older conventions I don't like, but each edition usually manages to get at least one thing right that the last didn't, so there should be something for me to learn from each one. Eventually, I can create a horrible beast I hereby dub "Pentius's Monster" which will take pieces from each edition and stitch them together into one shambling whole.


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Hi there. I'm sort of new here. It just so happens I also have some pretty strong feelings on this subject. Perhaps you've read some of my posts? :)

I think the most divisive thing about edition changes is that they cause other editions to go out of print and lose support. If they could keep one edition in print (A classic D&D brand) forever and support it with new products I'd be happy. Meanwhile they could continue to publish new editions for those looking for more experimental and riskier games.

The existence of Pathfinder demonstrates clearly that the market is there for a classic D&D. WOTC should play in this field - they still have a ton of advantages (D&D brand identity, IP creatures like beholders, Eberron, Forgotten Realms, iconic modules, market experience...)


OTOH, I'm pretty happy with a never ending treadmill of editions.

Game designers are pretty smart people and they keep coming up with cool new ideas. Some of those ideas don't play well with existing ideas, so, we get a new edition.

And that's groovy.


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I am happy for 5E to come, but not quite yet.

Same for 6E and so on.

As for those waiting for 666E and 1kE, I know a cyrogenic company you can call....


I'll keep playing and trying the new editions as they come out as well. Gotta keep supporting the hobby we all love.

Not me, I think I'm very unlikely to switch to a new edition in the foreseeable future. I've invested far more heavily in 4e than any previous edition, I think I've solved the major problems I had with it - which I never managed with 3e - and I find it an exciting game. I have great difficulty learning new systems.

If a new edition came out I think I'd keep running 4e. If I couldn't get players (which seems unlikely long as I'm in London) I'd probably quit GMing at least for some years, like I did in the late-2e era.


OTOH, I'm pretty happy with a never ending treadmill of editions.

Game designers are pretty smart people and they keep coming up with cool new ideas. Some of those ideas don't play well with existing ideas, so, we get a new edition.

But we don't have to get a new edition; we could get a new game. It seems that since 2000--maybe except for 1985-2000--so much of the RPG community has been focused on D&D and off-brand D&D that it's been hard to do something off that treadmill. I can't imagine D&D 4 coming out by someone other than WotC and it being much of a success, not because it's bad, but because so few people would have given it a chance, with it being (a) not D&D and (b) Yet Another Fantasy Game.

I know why we have the treadmill. But I'd be much happier with a world where instead of D&D getting a new edition every 5 years, there could be multiple serious options, where what would have been 5e could coexist with 4e and something that never will exist in our world.

Argyle King

Well, why settle for only D&D though? If you're interested in new editions because you're interested in new ways of doing things which could potentially better cater to you style, why not also explore other brands? While you're waiting for D&D 5E, there are plenty of games such as Savage Worlds, GURPS 4th Edition, Fate, and many others which have a variety of takes on roleplaying. Some of those games are even versatile enough to allow you to bring some of the D&D elements you know and love to life within their rules by being toolkits.


Wanderer of the Underdark
I actually may be done changing editions. Nothing against 4e it just didn't appeal to me as a game and the marketing tactics turned me off, so now in my mid 40's I am asking myself is it worth changing to any edition period. I do think they would have 2 challenges though, not only making a version that would interest people like me to try but find a way to reach us since we are kind of out of the loop.


I like new editions, too.

Over the past several years, I've played, D&D-wise, 3e, 3.5e, Pathfinder, 4e, and, recently, back round to AD&D. They all have their strong points and with each, the (sometimes wildly different) mechanics have an interesting bearing on the play experience.

The "definitive" D&D experience is whatever my group is doing at the table right now. So new rules to monkey with aren't a bad thing, they're just new grist for the mill.

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