I don't blame Piratecat

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It's getting burdensome to post in everythread that this discussion comes up

See my Sig, you'll understand who I'm blaming.


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Akbar? Trap? I found this picture somewhere


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    charlie brown its a trap.jpg
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Clockwork Golem
HellHound said:
Yeah, my mistake

I figured that the Hiveminders would understand the "Blame PirateCat" joke, and / or would read the [HIVEMIND] thread.

Instead, I'll wait to be sure that this is what got Dragongirl all riled up,a nd then drop off the face of General RPG Discussion for a few months.

Edit: Well, this post looks bloody strange now that the post I was replying to was deleted, eh?

Aw man, I wanted to see the blame the hivemind sig :D


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arwink said:

Aw man, I wanted to see the blame the hivemind sig :D

It was really cool, too bad some people can't take a joke though. Hivemind is usually at fault, so place the blame where it needs to be :D


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I would like to say thank you to HellHound for entertaining me so much in a few threads talking about certain groups in certain threads. Every time I read your posts aboit certain given topics it makes me giggle.

This post in no way reflects any negative attitudes against certain threads of individuals here on ENWorld. Personally, Today I blame Jimmy Carter.

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