D&D 5E I hate rapiers. Do you?

Do you like the way 5e has handled rapiers?

  • Absolutely not! I hate, hate, hate the way 5e has handled rapiers.

    Votes: 50 21.6%
  • I dislike 5e rapiers so much I have houseruled a nerf on them.

    Votes: 17 7.4%
  • I like rapiers, and I eat paste.

    Votes: 89 38.5%
  • I only participate in polls with leading questions.

    Votes: 75 32.5%

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Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
While the idea of using a longsword against a creature as large as a barn makes perfect sense?

Well not perfect, just a little bit more. In the end I think we can agree that there's little chances that any weapons would be able to do real lasting damage to an ancient gargatuan dragon if things were to be realistic.

I just dont like the name ''rapier''. Mainly because in french it really refers to the musketeer long, thin blade made for unarmored combat and duel for most people.


In fact, there are so many "wtf were they thinking" spots on the weapon list that I have to question the entire thing.

If you are anything like me, there has never been a weapon list in the history of D&D you were fully happy with. Although, the 1e AD&D version was fairly good once if you also used 'weapon versus AC modifiers' in that high damage weapons like the longsword often had problems connecting against higher ACs, it still had problems that made me tweak a few weapons (and two-handed swords were just incredible in every respect).

I've rolled my own weapon list for every edition of the game I've ever played.

As for the rapier issue itself, most RPG systems run the risk of making DEX a god stat that can do everything. D&D has traditionally avoided that by limiting the role of DEX in melee offense. If you break that, you get problems.

Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
Nowhere near as much as I hate Tridents, and Nets, and Slings, and Blowguns.

In fact, there are so many "wtf were they thinking" spots on the weapon list that I have to question the entire thing.

That's why I prefer to use the adventure in middle-earth's weapons table. But that's because I'm a dull person who hate extravagant stuff like blowguns. I also like managing farmlands and play a champion fighter.


I don't object to a one handed d8 finesse weapon that isn't light, in fact I would like there to be one that is slashing and one that is piercing (can't see one that is bludgeoning?). I just really dislike the name rapier as it feels anachronistic as compared to the other weapons and my concept of the game.

I'm thinking of renaming the current scimitar as a "cutlass" and making the scimitar a one handed d8 weapon that isn't light and that does slashing damage.

I'm less certain what to call "the piercing weapon" - rapier makes some sense but I dislike it. Maybe longsword and call the current longsword a broadsword? Feels a bit more AD&D ish.
Ah, you will hurt drizzles feelings.:(

You mean in real life? With my vast armchair experience with fencing I would never suspect that. Interesting!
Remember we're not talking a modern sport wire or the thin fencing weapons you see Errol Flynn using. Rapiers were as heavy as a longsword, longer, and controlled significantly using the muscles of the arm and forearm, compared to the two-handed grip of the longsword. A weaker person would have to either use a shorter rapier - putting them at a severe disadvantage, or have less point control and speed of motion as they tried to use one too heavy for them. Add to that the fact that here was much more blade-to-blade contact where a stronger opponent could push through a weaker person's guard, and the athleticism required in lunging, and other motions of the body.

Well on a serious note, I removed it for one game, but for the next I'm just adding the Katana (aka Slashing Rapier), and Bo Staff (aka Bludgeoning Rapier).


Considering that real "one-handed" swords could be fairly light, I don't have a problem with the rapier. I also don't imagine a basket-hilted foil.

If you got rid of the rapier, or a 1 handed 1d8 finesse weapon, then all finessers would be two-weapon fighters. Two-weapon fighting should be the finesse equivalent to great Weapon Fighting.

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Small Ball Archmage
It occurs to me that mechanically speaking, rapiers arent the optimal choice for anyone who isnt using a shield- dual wielding finesse weapons (the easiest way to substantially increase your sneak attack chances as a rogue) requires light, or a feat, but since the feat using rapiers would only increase your average damage by 2 total, it seems silly when you could take something useful like resilient, or mobile, or mage slayer instead- leaving you optimally with a choice of short sword and schimitar, or maybe a dagger if you want range for whatever reason, and a bow is inconvenient.

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