D&D General "I have played in or run a D&D campaign set in Greyhawk." (a poll)

True or False: "I have played in or run a D&D campaign set in Greyhawk."

  • True.

    Votes: 143 65.9%
  • False.

    Votes: 74 34.1%


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Like yesterday's Forgotten Realms poll, but this time Greyhawk. . .

True or False: "I have played in or run a D&D campaign set in Greyhawk."

To clarify, this means any ongoing consistent game set in recognizable Greyhawk using one of more of its setting products and or modules. For example, I am currently running Ghosts of Saltmarsh, many of the names and features are recognizable from Greyhawk, but the world itself beyond Saltmarsh is not Greyhawk, so that'd be a no.

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Magic Wordsmith
I ran Age of Worms adventure path years ago and that was set in Greyhawk. I didn't find anything particularly remarkable about the setting, but then I didn't delve too much into the lore. It was mostly backdrop in that game.


I've played some adventures as one shots that are set in Greyhawk, but never been in a campaign that actually delved into the lore.

Argyle King


I've played in a few games which used Greyhawk as the setting.

Coincidentally, Greyhawk is also how I learned GURPS. The DM was using old Greyhawk adventures (like the Slave Lord modules; Ghost Tower of Inverness; etc) but running them with GURPS 4th Edition.


Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
Yes. My own current campaign is based on Lendore Isle, with Restenford from L1 The Secret of Bone Hill as the starting town. I've altered and added a bunch of stuff to the island, but yep.

I've also been playing in a 1974-1975 style OD&D game for two years set in Greyhawk, where the party is based in the city and has done most of its dungeon delving at and under Castle Greyhawk, though we've also made excursions to a couple of other towns and cities, and dungeons such as The Temple of Elemental Evil, Robilar's castle (currently overrun with orcs), and recently the Temple of the Latter Day Elder Gods.

Most of our old campaigns back in the 90s and 2000s were in homebrew worlds, though we did have a few short campaigns in Greyhawk, FR, Dark Sun, and on Krynn.


Over the years we played Elemental Evil or Assassin's Knot and a few others, but nothing tied it to Greyhawk or made it feel more than some homebrew. Indeed a couple may have been brought to FR or some homebrew, so I answered no.

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