D&D General "I have played in or run a D&D campaign set in Greyhawk." (a poll)

True or False: "I have played in or run a D&D campaign set in Greyhawk."

  • True.

    Votes: 143 65.9%
  • False.

    Votes: 74 34.1%

I voted false because I can't say for sure that I did, but I suspect I may technically have at some point, at least in playing in an adventure set there.

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Yes, I've played and run years-long Greyhawk campaigns.

But I am old enough that our first Greyhawk campaign used Greek and Norse gods in lieu of Oeridian and Suel, because the Greyhawk-specific gods hadn't been published yet.


Totally agree with the parts I quoted.

Reminds me of the joke my dad (an English professor) used to tell about the college student who complained Shakespeare is full of cliches …

Greyhawk is the origin of D&D, so it’s just regular D&D, because everything else was played later. Ed Greenwood had FR in mind before D&D, and Dave Arneson played in Blackmoor first, but Greyhawk was the home world of the first generation of both game designers and players. Everything else was in its wake.

There is a great presentation on why Blackmoor is on the Castles & Crusades 1971 club map by Gygax (which became Greyhawk).


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