D&D General "I have played in or run a D&D campaign set in Greyhawk." (a poll)

True or False: "I have played in or run a D&D campaign set in Greyhawk."

  • True.

    Votes: 140 66.0%
  • False.

    Votes: 72 34.0%

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I'm running part of a game in it right now (they're visiting for a nostalgic addition to the game), but before that it has been almost 30 years since I last played there.

Li Shenron

Mmm... I voted 'yes' but then noticed you mentioned 'ongoing', the poll sounded like any time in past, which one did you want to know?


Final Form (she/they)
Nope. It's not a setting that the people I grew up around and introduced me to D&D were all that connected to, and thus I haven't brought it to any the various campaigns I've run for the folks I've brought into the game.


I'm currently running two separate Greyhawk games, with very small parties, one based in Sterich, the other based in Furyondy.

Both are using the Greyhawk Boxed Set, and Greyhawk: From the Ashes as the starting point. War has just ended. Sterich is free of enemies but fighting continues near the mountains, but most of it is empty and ruined. Furyondy is beginning to rebuild its defenses as the Treaty of Greyhawk settles in.

In Sterich, the party is going to go explore the Crystalmists to find out why the giants attacked Sterich. There are lots of ruined outposts/keeps and battlegrounds to traverse, as well as empty villages.
In Furyondy, a Paladin has been sent from Veluna with troops to reinforce the front against Iuz. The Paladin is currently travelling along the front between the two nations, then will likely travel across the lines into Iuz's newly taken territories to wreak some havoc.

Both are sandboxes (both also using Old School Essentials, though Sterich started in Beyond the Wall).


My 80s campaign was set in Greyhawk after I bought the Folio and AD&D modules. It made sense. After that I preferred creating my own settings. But I kept borrowing from it.

My last fantasy campaign, in 2021, was set in Greyhawk, but with the Fantasy AGE system. I put Freeport on an island near the Amedio Jungle. Last time we played they were in the Principalty of Ulek looking for a corrupted druid in a weird forest near the fortified city of Thunderstrike. I might go back to it in 2023.


Morkus from Orkus
I started 1e with Greyhawk, transitioning to the Forgotten Realms when it came out. I ran multiple campaigns there. Then in the early 2000's a DM I played with loved and ran Greyhawk. I played in probably a 4-5 campaigns with him.


Played in a short 5E campaign probably 5 years ago involving Hepmonaland and the Scarlet Brotherhood. Ran the barest of campaigns in the 3E era in Yeomanry.

Was never a big fan of Greyhawk to be honest. Mainly their naming conventions didn't do anything for me. That's one thing I give Greenwood a lot of credit for, he had a really good ear for quality names (both people and locations).


I'm not sure if I'd even really heard of greyhawk before 3rd edition when it became the default setting. Probably some comments in other 2e material that mentioned it but I had no idea what the setting was like.

The first campaign I played in was Greyhawk. The only setting I ever used throughout all of 1E was Greyhawk. I had affairs with other settings during 2E's product orgy. I went back to running Greyhawk in 3E and stayed ever since. I might eventually run homebrew, but I love Greyhawk.

I don't think default 3e really counts.
It shouldn't, as it was an abomination that mostly killed off the setting. When people think Greyhawk's "vanilla," I blame 3E.


I voted No. I played in early 3.0 default setting, which was technically Greyhawk, and I've played Saltmarsh, but I've never known a single thing about the setting, so... no, not really. In 1e and 2e I only played my homebrew.


Played in a fairly long-running one back in the 90s, and ran a comparatively short-lived one in the 2000s. I think a game I was briefly in around 1990 might have been set there too, it was never quite clear to me as the parts I was in were mostly contextless dungeon crawl.

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