D&D General "I Like to Play D&D on My Birthday" (a poll)

True or False: "I like to play D&D on my birthday."

  • True.

    Votes: 51 72.9%
  • False.

    Votes: 19 27.1%

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Likewise, we tend not to make a big deal out of (adult) birthdays in my family (kids still get cool birthdays, though), so it would just be another day to me. Therefore: yes, I'd play D&D on my birthday.

And I hope you're having a particularly happy birthday, el-remmen!



Morkus from Orkus
A bonus poll today (I still plan to do another in my planned series, so don't fret).

Anyway, today is my birthday and when my wife asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday a few weeks ago, I was like "Ideally, I'd like to play D&D, but I know that's not possible." And I was right, and while we made some other fun plans it made me think of the many past birthdays I spent playing D&D when it fell on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (in my younger days, D&D was during the day and partying came at night). Heck, one year in my 30s I convinced everyone in my group to take a personal/vacation day when my birthday fell in the middle of the week so we could play - and it was a blast. Another time, I prepped a secret birthday D&D one-off and organized a bunch of people to come over to play for a friend's big day at his wife's behest!

Anyway, what about you? Do you like playing D&D on your birthday? Have you ever gotten a chance to? It was fun as a kid, but even better as an adult when you can have a few beers along the way.
First, happy birthday!

My group celebrates birthdays by BBQing and other stuff, but rarely on the actual birthday of the player. For myself, my wife plans something for my birthday, so gaming on it is right out.


One of my favorite birthdays was when I started playing DnD with an online group at midnight, played until 4 or 5, then woke up at noon and started playing with my college friends at around 6 PM and played until midnight.
I like to play D&D on my birthday, even if it rarely happens anymore


Victoria Rules
Voted "true" but I'd prefer to vote for both true and false at once; in that while I like playing D&D on ym birthday I'd prefer it not be the normal every-week game; in that I also like to have a few drinks on my birthday and thus a truly gonzo game with no lasting consequences would be better.


I got HeroQuest for my last birthday, and promptly ran it for my boys (ages 5 & 8 at the time) and parents (74 & 76). My 8 year old's wizard got killed, as did my mom's elf who kept exploring on her own (8yo told her she was "being too brave"). The two barbarians (5yo and 76yo) escaped alive to return another day.

Close enough!

Yeah, once gaming is done and she's home from work, we generally do something as well.

My wife doesn't play either, but she wouldn't be excluded. We'd still do something together in the evening, like go out to dinner or hang with friends.

I suppose I should also mention that my twin is in one of my gaming groups, so that makes D&D count doubly towards celebrating, right?

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