D&D 5E I made a monster invisible to dark vision. Hilarity ensued.

The Glen

Was trying to come up with unique abilities for some custom creatures. Enter the Gaz-Thoul, a variant of the classic creature that wad more reliant on its ghoul heritage. For a kick I gave it naturally occurring invisibility to dark vision as it hides out in caves so it's hunting demi-humans normally.

Party went into the cave consisting of 1 human and 5 not humans. Two elves take watch for a rest, and the thouls attack. Everybody is scrambling to get up but nobody can see their attack despite all but one having dark vision. When the human is able to get a torch out of his pack and light it all the gaz-thouls immediately become visible. Then the party was able to defeat them with only a little difficulty, they were only CR2. Then the dwarf defiled the corpses out of spite.

Think I found a new favorite ability.

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Magic Wordsmith
Cool. Don't forget that characters relying solely on darkvision have disadvantage to Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight which can mean they get surprised more often. The thouls in this case might have had a good chance to attack with surprise.

I was just reading the 1979 Judges Guild adventure, Operation Ogre, and I was struck by the number of times the module included "this or that creature is invisible to infravision beyond 30 feet." From my recollection, it was not unusual to have room temperature monsters just not show up using infravision.

Now, these days, throwing a creature at the PCs that's invisible to Darkvision, that's just fiendish and I applaud you.

I remember that rule as well, though a quick look of the DMG doesn't yield anything. It did however have a line that creatures with exceptional infravision actually are emitting eyebeams that can in turn be seen by infravision, so it looks like they have lasers shooting out of their eyes when someone else with infravision views them. I never used that rule back in the day, but I kinda love it.

Ah, yes. The days when undead couldn’t be seen by infravision!

I freaking love this. I will be calling mine Glen Ghouls.

I have a visual in my head of all the ghouls freezing in place when the lights come on, with Scooby-Do "ruh roh" expressions.

I put in a "blank" tapestry that contained a secret message (the runes for a teleportation circle). They were concealed by being depicted in colours with indicial tonal values. Since darkvision is black and white the tapestry appeared blank.

This could work the other way - the message is depicted in tonal values but obscured by a busy image. You need to turn out the lights and view it with darkvision to read the message.

The Glen


James Gasik

Grues are from Zork, creatures that fear light, but will happily snack on any adventurer that enters a dark area without a light source.

I find that parties who think they don't need light sources will quickly come to regret it after they keep running into traps and hidden enemies. A creature invisible to darkvision is amusing, but only should be a problem for the most stubborn of players.

Also, let's not forget that monsters with darkvision have good reasons to use light as well, so your Gaz-Thoul may want some other way to sense enemies or they might get surprised by the party by failing to notice their approach!

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