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This is the review that caught my eye and made me actually want to check it out.

"Jim Wampler is with Tim Kask.

SPOILER-FREE REVIEW: Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is not only a great D&D movie, but it's a great movie for audiences in general. It features a tight plot, fantastic character arcs for all the players, and gawdam it's beautiful to look at. It may have taken decades to happen, but finally we have a D&D movie created by writers and directors who grew up on the game. Tim was as taken with it as I was, and thus we have a double curmudgeon score of A+, which includes one of the Old Guard, and that's saying a lot."

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I give it a B+.

They get their mileage out of the "Chekhov's Gun " trope, which I kind of enjoy because it feels like something that would happen in an actual campaign: People pulling random crap out of their bags just to see what they can use against the BBEG.

The highlight for me was when they managed to defeat a dragon with Prestidigitation.


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I was at the same show as @Sacrosanct (sorry we didn't meet up, I had my phone off in the theater and didn't see your message). The wife and I enjoyed it very much. Was it perfect? No. Was it a good time and fun, hell yes. We are going to see it in early April with our D&D group on a bigger screen and in 3D and will likely buy it on DVD when it comes out.

The Good
  • Each character had and arc. There were meaningful choices made from these arcs.
  • The humor was about pitch perfect. It was playful and didn't wear out it's welcome.
  • The cast could move between serious and funny without skipping a beat. The cast could chew the scenery in either mode.
  • Lots of Easter eggs for D&D folks and even more for those that are fans of the Forgotten Realms.
  • The action fit the story.
  • Cameos were fun but not burdensome.
  • A lot of the creature effects were good, but not all.
  • We loved the chonkey Dragon.
  • The urban and wildness shots were amazing. Someone was paying attention to the expansive scope of LotR.
  • My wife scribbled down notes for our Ravenloft campaign she is running. It inspired her.
  • We saw this on a Standard screen and it didn't feel like we were missing anything. When we go see it again, we will try a higher grade screen and see if it changes the visual experience.

The Bad
  • I will say, there were some pacing problems here and there. Nothing that made the movie unbearable.
  • Some of the creature effects were not as good as others. Some of the practical effects were good (Dragonborn) and some just didn't look right (Tabaxi), and the Aarackora looked more like a Kenku.
  • This has a framework of a heist film (not a bad thing) but that is one of the toughest types of adventures to run in D&D. I hope it doesn't set an unrealistic expectation for newer players.
The Ugly
  • Nothing stood out as supremely ugly in this film.
I highly recommend seeing it. I believe this will be a success, the question being, how big...
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Were there really references to Critical Role (Fresh Cut Grass) and Diminsion20 (Jonathan)?

I saw the movie, just flabbergasted 8f this was intentional!

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