D&D 5E [IC] Creamsteak's Storm King's Thunder: Goldenfields

Steve Gorak

OOC: Action: Cast bless on Bella, Davaros, and Virion (add 1d4 to all attacks and saving throws before the spell ends (Duration: 1 min, concentration))

FYI, Davaros is already under the effect of Bless from drinking a heroism potion, and since he is no longer mounting his horse, the spell cannot affect it. Perhaps a different target would preferable (his horse will gladly take it ;-)

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Steve Gorak

OOC: The horse is fine, thanks. What's the horse's name?
It's was a tossup between "Ed the horse", or "Nameless", since it's a magical celestial spirit sent by the gods that manifests itself as a horse to help Davaros. The tossup result was the latter ;-)

Oren Yogilvy
Well, htye don't look as if they noticed me! Oren muses to himself, as he watched the fighting from a distance. He moves behind the closest tree to avoid being noticed.

OOC: Move to Q4, and dodge action

Davaros Silverfist

Davaros moves next to Nameless, the two moving in flawless unison, as the horse spirit attacks the closest bugbear.


I am using the stats of the base warhorse

Move to Ae18
attack Bugbear at Ae19

Attack: [roll0] plus [roll1] from bless

If attack hits, bugbear must save DC 14 or be prone, and horse gets another attack

Attack: [roll3] plus [roll4] from bless

Davaros' actions will depend on the success of these attacks


The horse kicks the bugbear, but does not knock it down.

Two PC and one NPC action remaining.


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Steve Gorak

Davaros Silverfist

Davaros follows Nameless and attacks the bugbear

Move: to Ae18, if bugbear falls, move to AC20 after attacks. Horse will move to AB20. If the bugbear doesn't fall both Horse and Davaros will stay put.

Davaros action: Attack bugbear
Davaros attack 1 [roll0] plus [roll1] from bless
damage [roll2]

Davaros attack 2 [roll3] plus [roll4] from bless
damage [roll5]

HP: 41/44 (-17 ogre attack -6 goblin +20 lay on hands)
Temporary HP: 10 (from ingesting potions of heroism)

Note: under the effect of Bless for 1h, from ingesting potion of heroism


level 1: 3/4 (wrathful smite cast on ogre)
level 2: 2/2

Lay on hands: 0/20 remaining


Taking an action for [MENTION=20005]Matthan[/MENTION]

Hex and Eldritch blast the ogre. Pew pew. First attack misses, second hits. 14 damage.

Shalvus also misses a crossbow attack against the same target.

As the enemy horde becomes aware that someone else has joined they frey they panic a bit. Apparently the bugbears think they recognize some of you.

[sblock=giant]"The bad mans are here!"[/sblock]

The most injured ogre moves to hit the swordey and horsey things. The ogre lands one blow for 8 damage with its club against the paladin.

Second ogre goes for the monkey, it misses. The third goes for the tree and misses.

Many bugbears move. One attacks the tree and misses. One goblin tries to burn the tree for 8 damage. More goblins swarming for the tree.

Two bugbears attack Davros. One hits for 11 damage.

Lifferlas the tree smashes goblins. Two hits, two smashed goblins.

Monkey vs Ogre. Monkey wins apparently.

Ranger vs bugbear. Two misses. Hide and a shield seem to be working well for the bugbear.

Map is updated, parties turn. Three PC actions and two NPC actions remain.


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